Saturday, April 17, 2010

Down To the Nitty Gritty

 As you all may have surmised from my prolonged absence, we're getting down to the nitty gritty of this semester. There are a lot of on campus activities to attend, and a lot of work to take care of. And the more they load this stuff on, the less I feel like I'm actually getting done. Oh well. So, let's see what I've got to talk about today. 

Well, first of all, these pictures are the usual strays. The most important of which is the picture of my Easter basket from Daddy which came this week, along with a matching one for SL, who was so tickled. I have the best daddy in the world.

These days, Bard is so beautiful. There are flowering trees of all kinds everywhere on campus- forsythia, purple magnolias, apple trees, and many other things that I can't identify that are just as lovely. There are daisies and daffodils, and narcissus all over. One of these days I'll get around to taking some more pics for you.

I'm whipping up a few new pieces for the craft show that happens during Spring Fling at the end of April, and these are just a few of them.

My flight for China leaves on June 4th, although the time isn't determined yet. I'll probably be in China until the beginning of January, although no one's really clear on that point yet. I'll fly home for a few weeks, and the semester at Queen's University Belfast starts January 31st... I'm still in the application processes for both Qingdao University and QUB, (two QU's, who'd have guessed???)

For those of you who have read Molina's Trickster of Seville, I recommend you read or see a performance of Moliere's Don Juan. It is, to me, much more pleasurable. But then, I've always loved Moliere's work. On that topic, I'll be performing the role of Dorine (a snarky and clever maid) in a friend's final project for directing class (from Moliere's Tartuffe. One of my personal favs.) And if you don't know anything about Moliere, or you're looking for a fun film, I recommend seeing the movie "Moliere". 

My jagua ink finally arrived in the mail, so I'll probably bust that out later and give myself a temp tat for fun. Pictures to follow. 

Incidentally, I think I'm in love with that first necklace. It's all large pieces of natural quartz. It looks soooo good with the brassy colored wire. It's probably between 18 and 20 inches long, so it sits nicely along the collar bone and catches light beautifully. If it doesn't sell at the show, I'll appropriate for myself, which I do surprisingly little. 

I love you all!



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