Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For Your Amusement

I have been working on reading, in my spare minutes, a book that was just published, that is, I believe, the culmination of a beloved series. The book is called "An Echo in the Bone," and it's author is Diana Gabaldon. I love sauerkraut, but I found this particular passage amusing.

"One thing I had in abundance, though, was alcohol. The corncrib had been spared from the flames, and so had the still. Since there was more than enough grain for both animals and household, Jamie had thriftily transformed the rest into a very raw- but potent- liquor, which we would take along to trade for necessary goods along the way. One small cask had been kept for my especial use, though; I'd carefully painted the legend sauerkraut on the side, to discourage theft on the road.
"And what if we should be set upon bu illeterate banditti?" Jamie had asked, amused by this.
"Thought of that," I informed him, displaying a small corked bottle full of cloudy liquid. "Eau de sauerkraut. I'll pour it on the cask at first sight of anyone suspicious."
"I suppose we'd best hope they're not German bandits, then."


Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, it started yesterday. I had a meeting at 3. And so I rushed from class at 1:20, not even stopping to eat lunch, went back to my dorm, put on deodorant and freshened up, and ran out the door, even though I forgot something- I knew I didn't have time to get it. I looked at my watch- 1:50. I was certainly going to be late. I got there. And found the woman I was meeting with. And she said, "You're _____ right?" And I told her I was. And that I hoped I wasn't late. She thought I was... Well, what I am. It was 2. And even knew I was at 3 (she asked if I was the 2 or 3 o'clock, and I told her 3). Yeah. So there. And then... Today. Well, today was special. The squirrels were throwing acorns at me- but they do that to everybody. And I told one of my advisers that I'd meet with her at 4, even though I definitely had class today at 4. I had to run like a mad woman to leave a note on her door and tell her I couldn't, by the time I had things figured out. But here's the real proof. I was leaving to go to lunch, and at the end of the driveway there were two chipmunks playing. One ran to the left side and sat on this boulder that was sitting there. He watched me. The other chipmunk stayed on the first side, and watched me. And then, the second chipmunk, a very tiny and adorable specimen, started coming towards me slowly. So I had obviously stopped walking, then. My feet were about 6 inches apart. He stopped, right between my shoes and put one little paw up on my left shoe. Then he looked up at me in a very "Can I trust you?" kind of way, and started climbing up the outside of my jeans. Someone, grr, walked past on the path behind and scared the poor darling off. This is a true story! Which worries me. That kind of thing only happens to people who end up like A) Dr. Dolittle, or B) Cinderella. But it made my day anyways, because it was so cute. I didn't want to move to get my phone out of the bottom of my bag, for fear of scaring him away.
That's it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Despite it All

My Qipao makes me look skinnier (bustier?) than I am. It was fun to wear it today. I straightened my hair this morning, but it didn't stay long. It threatened to rain all day- still hasn't. I have finally lost it, but at least I can be happy/pretty while at it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Alright, so today we found out in Chinese that one of our classmates (it's a very small class) is now on her way home because she has- you guessed it- swine flu. She is not the first confirmed case at Bard, but she is the closest to me. This is alarming.
I just had to get that off my chest.
If anyone has spare bottles of hand sanitizer (the small, travel ones are best...) they make a nice "care package" for your college relations and friends. And keep them with you!
to Ulysses and Joyce
With love,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Frogs Frogs Frogs- Auntie Take Note

The top pic took me hours to work out, but Auntie this is the one that I want, I think. I really like it. The others are just silly- and cute. SL loves Farley, so I ordered one online. It should be here this week, so that she will relinquish mine. It's really quite cute of her...
Smiling smiling smiling!
PS. Tia T, thank you for the snack cake recipe! I made it today and it was a hit. Fast easy and wonderful!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Poem About How I Feel

Homework Homework
never ends
Homework Homework
missing friends
Homework Homework
teacher sends
Homework Homework
me offends!!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Suite

Alright, so there are an overwhelming number of pictures here. They are as follows:
1. CO and YY, or Penguin and Panda- my next door suite mates. They're both very messy and very loud- they bicker all the time. Much worse than having two little brothers, I've found. But I love them anyways.

2. Our periodic table shower curtain.

3. The building we live in- we're on the lower right. Village K.

4. So you can see how big it is- taken from the back of the suite to the front door- CO and YY are the first door from the camera, and then mine, and then XY, our senior's, and the one on the left is the bathroom. The open space to the left is the common room and the kitchen.

5. Dining room and living room.

6. Kitchen and dining room.

7. My wall.

8. View of my room from SL's side. Our dressers are under our beds- as well as more storage space. The beds are tall.

9. Our window and our view- it looks like rain today...

10. View of SL and my room from the door.

11. Dining room, living room, and the wonderful windows!

12. SL has kidnapped Farley and won't return him. But she loves him. She did this in the morning and he stayed like that all day. So I took her cute little sleeping white dog, made Farley hug it, and tucked them in. She almost cried it was so cute.

13. A beautiful night time still life in our suite.

It's still wonderful living here! We made Chinese food again last night- SL made Chicken and broccoli (which is funny because they don't really eat broccoli in China), and I made a spicy green bean dish, egg fried rice (mmm.), and for dessert what my weird cookbook translates as "toffee bananas." And it was all delicious and wonderful. Today I baked brownies, becuase yesterday was XY birthday, but she was in the city all day.

And that, is that!
Love you all!
PS- still crazy busy, if you couldn't tell. Or I would stay longer.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

No Ulysses Before Bed

I was reading the third chapter of Ulysses last night (Proteus) right before I went to bed. And I kept falling asleep. It's perhaps the most famous chapter, because it's very much like being in someone else's brain. It's just random words and thoughts that would have been connected in Joyce's head but certainly weren't in mine. And they didn't even make sense. So I skimmed the last 2 pages of it and switched to a book on "big history." I was doing well until the author started asking questions like, "What is time? Is time real? Or have we just imagined it for our selves?" I decided it was time to go to sleep- no one needs to have to think like that after hours of slaving over homework. I then had this dream.

I was trying to enter a baking contest. And everytime I finished cooking something, my Chinese friend YY would come into the kitchen and accidentally screw it up- really accidentally. And then I would start yelling at her, and she'd burst out in tears, and then I'd have to cheer her up because I wasn't really mad, I was just frustrated. Well, the last time, I baked cornbread. And YY came in the kitchen and took it out of the oven when it was done, and then turned the pan upside down. The cornbread, naturally, fell to the floor. But she hadn't ruined it intentionally, I knew. She had done it accidentally, some how. So then I was really in a stich because the judges were just about to show up at my house. And then Peter Pan comes through the door, which opens into the kitchen. But it's not any of the movie Peter Pans, it's just an attractive male who sort of glows and floats that my brain automatically new/labelled as Peter Pan. So I ask him what he's doing there, and he says that of course he's there to see his girlfriend YJ, another one of my Chinese friends. So I tell him to kiss my quick and then to get out of the kitchen. And he does. And then it changes and I'm watching a scene in a strange bathroom, with buttery yellow light and one of those big ceramic tubs with clawed feet. And in the tub is a larger-than-life (although still within reason) lobster, taking a bubble bath. And in the room is my friend/big brother Kevin. And Kevin and the lobster are intermittently fighting/wrestling about something, and discussing/exchanging sound recorders. And then I woke up.
I have learned a lesson: leave Joyce alone before bed. All I could think of all day was Beckett's short piece "Dante and the Lobster" which is both humorous and somewhat bizarre. Why was the lobster taking a bubble bath? That's all I want to know...

Smiling despite it all,

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pictures of Some of The New Line

I'm going to be starting over on my designs- I want simple, with metal, and color- and allure. I started with earrings and keychains, and necklace charms. Here are the results. (Except for the ice cream ones. Those are just super super cute. Enjoy!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Alright People, if You're There

I'm still here, whether or not you're there (I can't actually tell...). The suite is great, it's quite large, and my room is at least much more space efficient than last year, even if the lighting is a lot worse. My view looks out into the trees, which is lovely, and so far I've seen three does and one groundhog right outside of the window. Our common room is large, and the kitchen, though small, is fairly nice. There's a dining room table with chairs, and I furnished a couch, and so now I can't imagine not living in the suite! We have a full size fridge, which is lovely because when it's just 5 girls who are all good friends, no one eats your food, so you can buy perishable food stuffs! Yay me! I reduced my stuff load drastically for this year, and I'm very comfortable with it. I also learned in China that I could survive on very little clothing for a very long time, so I've also reduced the clothing I have with me, though down to what I had in China, which was probably 1 pair of pants, 2 pairs of capris, 6-7 shirts, 1 sweater, and 1 pair pajama pants. That made it for 11 weeks, no problem! But somehow I don't think it'd get me through the year very happily. Classes are going well- the subject matter is fascinating in all of them, though I do have one class where I am not a huge fan of the teacher. I am taking: Irish Fiction, Joyce's "Ulysses": Modernity and Nationalism, Comparative Literature I (medieval literature... imagine the "Carmina Burana", "The Decameron", etc., Intermediate Chinese, and Chinese Calligraphy (which starts this afternoon...) I have stacks of homework- a lot of reading, as you can imagine. And this year Chinese is just as intensive as last year, if not more. For every 2 classes, we do one chapter, which is the same as last year. However, this time 1 chapter consists of anywhere between 80-120 new characters. Scary! Last year they were 30-35 characters a chapter. Scary scary scary!
I'm starting work in the Career Development Office on Monday, and I work there 4 hours a week. Hopefully I can hook a couple other jobs really quick- study space monitor at the very least. And then if I'm still not happy, I'll cater every now and again. I believe there's a vending day tomorrow on the quad, and so I'll go for a couple hours and see if I can't make any money. Once I get some money I can put the store back up on Etsy and get things rolling again. I did make a few new pieces last night- charm bracelets, and a keychain for my dearest roommate, SL.
Well lovies, I'm off!