Sunday, May 24, 2009

Loose Ends

Probably no more pictures here until I get back from China... Sorry. But I should post, since thanks to the great Auntie K I have a lightweight tote-able computer for the trip! So, just some quick things. The first two pictures are from the enormous family picnic (Dad's side) we had yesterday. I have many more pictures... But since most of my readers wouldn't know the people anyways, I didn't worry about it. The adorable toddler is EMS, my cousin J's beautiful daughter. She is such a grandpa's girl- and she's got grandpa wrapped around her tiny finger. He's turned into a regular softy- it's...
The bottom picture was an experiment I was playing with before I left bard. I couldn't get the profile quite right- I wanted my nose to show- but oh well.
Today is a day for tying up loose ends before I head out to China.
Call me if you want to talk- I may not be around for a while... And as of now my phone does not appear to work.
Much much love
and many smiles

Monday, May 11, 2009

Room to Rant

I beg apologies for this, and I hope this offends no one. I hope it makes people aware. I hope it disgusts someone. I hope it makes somebody cry.
I just came back from watching "Hunger," an Irish film about Bobby Sands. If you don't know who Bobby Sands is, look him up. Google him. Watch the movie. Pay attention.
How dare we? How dare we? How dare we?
The middle of the rant has been deleted. I can't say it here. It sounds...
If you can, watch the movie, then what I have said to myself and to the rest of my class will stir in your mind and heart and whole body, and you can sit there and ache and wonder- and know. That's all I ask. Know. The West has its problems too. There is no room for excluding it.
And don't anybody say that there is nothing to do with my future.
Hide under the brim of your newsboy cap, listening to "Danny Boy," and realize. Don't speak. Don't smile- can't smile. A brutal cap on a set of brutal days.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Happy birthday Mom! Sorry I've been away so long, but I should be back again tomorrow. The top picture is a photo of the beautiful spot I selected to plant the Forget Me Not seeds that AnT sent in memory. I can't wait to see them next year, or this year, or whenever they come up. This place is beautiful, and I will spend time there reading, certainly. The bottom two pictures are of a metal quilt that is someone's senior project, that was just hung up in the campus center. I love it and wish I had it for my wall.
My Bethday was not too terrible. I had time to just walk and enjoy the sunshine and the flowers that are everywhere this time of year. And "guerrilla" plant some. Then, when I was inside and packing my crap up, the most wonderful thing happened. I was in my closet, cleaning out, and the door to my room just burst open on its own. And then rain just started falling in sheets from the sky, while the sun was still shining, and there was thunder and lightning, and an astonishing double rainbow arcing over campus. A friend and I ran outside barefoot and just played around, and now my hair looks like it was attacked by an army of curling irons- but I couldn't care less. It was perfect!
Tonight, now, I'll run to the craft night, see if there's anything good... And then come back to my room, snuggle down with a brown paper bag full of homemade popcorn, and watch a movie for my momma, probably Interview With the Vampire, or one of those other favorites...
I wish everyone lots of love on this Bethday!