Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Pretties, and Me

An overwhelming number of things to explain!!!!!!!!! Ah! The first two are necklaces I made for the spring fling vending next Sunday. The third, fourth and fifth are advertising for my shop- a tee-shirt I cut and business cards that I haven't managed to mail out to any of you yet, I'll have to remember to do that eventually... Then there's the leather cuff I bought myself on etsy for my birthday- it was cheap and I love it! Then one sheet out of three that I did of that particular line in 1.5 hours. SL started teaching my Chinese calligraphy, and let me say this; it's gonna be a bit on the adventure side... I still haven't perfected that line just yet. The stroke in the middle of the sixth picture is one of the best ones I've managed so far. It's more complex than you'd believe, so don't judge. And the last two pictures are my neverending hair, in two forms. Suprisingly enough, it looks longer in its natural state of curliness than straightened. So many of my friends walked past me that day without recognizing me. How strange...
How is everyone? I've been gone for so long! But now the semester is winding down and the weather here is marvellous! I hope everyone is smiling as much as me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Is For Sister, So I Hope She Looks Here

You know the song you love? Sweet Dreams, by the Eurythmics? Well, check out the song JiangAi by Faye Wong. It sounds like it. And the music video is really creepy, too...
Everyone else can check it out too! Faye Wong is a Chinese singer who has been popular for about 20 years now, or so I've been told. One of my professors compared her to Madonna (although she doesn't sing like Madonna.) Also, she has a very unique voice. If you haven't guessed, I'm preparing for a summer abroad in China, by looking for music and feeling things out. This should be good.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Can't Even Think Of Anything To Say

So why am I here? I just want to sigh really loudly. My new job is okay, but I'm not a huge fan if I can find something else. I'll do it for the rest of the semester, but still... I could technically have this job all four years of school, catering- you know- but I just get so mentally bored, physically exhausted, and the other people I don't think like me that much- and then I still have to drag myself home at the end of the day. And now, no time for pretty things!!!!!!!!!
Hate to run,
love you all,
trying to smile,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sigh Sigh Sigh

In the middle of the crazy busy time, and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down. I had the most insane Chinese quiz of my life today. I've never seen so much new grammar over such little time before. And then, the teacher who's good at teaching grammar is out all of this week... So we suffered. Good thing she'll drop the lowest quiz grades. I have decided that time, despite being busy, is going far too quickly. For example, I know only have about a month and a week until I go to China. Scary, right? Wanna know what's scarier? Try this: exactly a month after I arrive in China, it will be the official one year anniversary of my high school graduation. Terrifying! Then there's this to think about: this time last year, or even June 26th last year, I never imagined that in a year's time I'd be in China, speaking Chinese all the time. What happened? Who knows? The course list for next semester came out today, and I have a list of classes I want to take, which of course I can't possibly take. We'll see what happens with registration, anyways. The adorable gerbil is sick, of course, and tomorrow I start my catering job- because this is accepted students weekend. That's another thing! I feel like I was just here on MY accepted students weekend, and now it's some other person's turn? Weird. The tour groups are out in force, of course, and they're annoying and rude and get in the way. I have sweet business cards now, which I plan to send out soon, I promise. I know I said I would! Patience is a virtue, even if I don't possess it. Anything else exciting I know? Not really.
Love to one and all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smiles, when you get some time,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Return to Pretty Things

Well, they're not great pictures of the shirt or me, so I'll have to make an effort to find someone to redo them. This is my most recent project, done over the course of probably 15 hours. Several yards of fabric and an old pair of jeans went into the making, and I am very pleased with the result. (although I did run out of thread and had to beg friends for more... Which was not fun)
If any of you like Rusted Root or Paul Simon, I think I have found a song you may like- called "This is the Way We Do" by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. I actually got it from Auntie K, on Paste Magazine Music Sampler #45. For a cute song, and very short (most of you won't understand the lyrics) go to youtube and type in Cao Fang In Summer, Cao Fang being the artist's name, and 在夏天being the name of the song... It was used in an adorable Chinese GE commercial that requires no Chinese comprehension, which is linked on youtube. Also, if you're at youtube, the Chinese have THE CUTEST Coca Cola commercial, that I am in love with! Just type Coca-Cola commercial in China, and should come up as the same, or maybe Coca-Cola comemrcial in China 1 or something like that. (they have a very similar one in Mexico and one in England...) It starts with a boy and a girl sitting on a bench- so you'll know it's the one you want.
Smiles and good day to everyone,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

Just writing here to tell everyone I hope they have a wonderful Easter day! Also, I want everyone to see the adorable gerbil (pronounced Grrrr-bil according to SL), named Eisenhower (so we can call him Ike.) The names Charlemagne and Shakespeare were also discussed, but neither of those options had good nicknames. He does have a cage, etc, he just loves playing in boxes.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Have The Best Daddy In The World

He sent me these in a box today (they got here a bit faster than he thought they would.) One for me and one for my roomie! And there's so much chocolate, which we all know is just what everyone needs! I was going to wait until Sunday and wake up before SL, put them out on her dresser, and go back to bed. Here's the catch: SL never comes back in the middle of the day, and the one day I really didn't want her to, she came back. So she had seen them already- much to late to pull one over on her. Ah well! She loves chocolate, so no big. I love you daddy, and thank you so much!
On to other news: I got a 94 on my Chinese midterm. Also, I ran my furthest in 30 minutes today: so far that distance is 2.81 miles. Agg!!!! Definitely feeling that one.
Also, for something wicked cool, check this link out:


and click on the business card bit. Wicked!

Weird and nifty, right? I want one! So much fun. What else? I found great free music on amazon last night. Also, like I said, I've been redoing the photos for my shop, and I'm really pleased. I've only got about 5 left to redo. Yay me!

And so, my friends and family, I must hurry away! Work is calling!
Love, smiles,
and kisses,

Monday, April 06, 2009

At Long Last

At long last, things should calm down! Life here can be tricky sometimes. Just like in high school, the teachers must get together and plan when every paper and test should be- and do it against the favor of the students. More likely what is happening is this: teachers at Bard all work on the same schedule. Midterms and finals at given times. Papers about every five weeks. Quizzes are weekly and usually given all on the same miserable day- Mondays, the worst possible day- to be sure that you have done your homework. Ah me! Well, midterms are over and the papers are in, and as it is the end of money, no quizzes to worry about until next week. What a relief! I've been redoing the pictures for my etsy store, which explains why I probably won't be around the next few days, if I'm not around.
Smiles and kisses!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

She Is Alive!!!!

Sorry everyone! I was home on spring break, and I don't know where the time went. Well, I suppose I do, actually. It mostly went into a bit of reading, some studying Chinese, painting canisters, cooking, and baking. One day it went into a wonderful picnic at an overview park, and two nights went to watching MSM II in a play, acting in Cactus Pass, as Trevor Barrington the III, of Boston. He stole the show! Go little brother! And since I've been back it's just been work work work, study study study, sleep sleep sleep (although that, in comparison, has been more of just a single sleep). The weather is getting better, and today was just stunning out, although it was grey all morning, until about 2ish this afternoon. Life is good, though. My showcase is over, and though it didn't go as well as expected, at least it's over. My birthday is also over, which is a relief. My only midterm will be next Monday, and it'll be nice to have that over. I don't have all my grades, but I do have the one I currently consider the most important, and find that I am pleased with it. Chinese, and an A, if you were curious. Better than that, the teacher wrote on my crite (short for criteria) sheet "Your performance in this class has been excellent, consistently so without no expection (their English is adorable, have to love it!). In all respects, you are at the top of this class. Keep up the impeccable record!" Yay me! Also, an upper classman (who is a literature/English major) told me that she thinks I write extremely well and that she loves my style, and that I always tackled really hard ideas beautifully. (All this from a few essays, of course, the most impressive of which was about Nietzsche...) So, life is good, life is good.
How about you all? How is everyone? I hope you're all well, and back to my pretty things soon, I promise.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Well, I Don't Suppose You Remember Me

I'm older since the last time I wrote here. It's been a very busy couple of weeks, and I'm sorry I'm making excuses, but I promise I'll be back tomorrow, right after dinner. I'm sure I've got lots to say.
For now please rest comfortably with the knowledge that I am still alive, I love you all, and I'm wishing you sweet dreams, whether or not it seems like any of them are true!