Friday, January 30, 2009

Something Random, Something New...

To all, to everyone, to anyone and to no one; the weekend has arrived it's going to be a good one! I've got a fair amount of homework to do, but I prefer not to think about it at this moment. I've got new piano music to try, Scottish Country Dancing tonight- and BF is going, I think. They're making an ice rink on the quad- which is wicked cool and going to be so much fun. I'm trying to get a game of apples to apples organized for tonight in BF's room, with music and chocolate/candy and junk food, as a welcome back thing with a bunch of our friends. It'll be a riot! A riot, riot, riot.
I think I should like to mention a few discoveries of mine here. If any of you are fan's of Edith Piaf's "Milord," In Grid's version is extremely cute too, though I'm not a fan of her "La Vie en Rose." Also note, a new group has just come to my attention (they're not brand new, but they are to me.) They're a Scottish band named Glasvegas (which I think is extremely clever). The song I like best is "Daddy's Gone," but there's another one called "Stabbed," in which the lead singer is simply talking while Moonlight Sonata is played beautifully in the background. Very nice. The Scottish accent is beautiful. And the final discovery for the moment is Dear Frankie, which is a movie I asked for for Christmas and got. It's a very cute movie, a teensy bit like PS I Love You, even staring Gerard Butler playing his native Scots part. It's a good one, if you're looking for something sweet to see.
And finally, I'm looking to add more qoutations to my collection. If any of you know of any particularly funny or witty or smart or inspiring ones, could you kindly put them in a comment or something for me?
Hugs, Kisses, and Smiles

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello Weekend

I love me. I love being me. I currently don't relish the thought of being in my head all the time. I am now officially studying both French and Chinese, one intensively and the other in an advanced setting. I constantly have three languages in my head, and conversations with me are... Interesting. My English has gone to pieces, my French has gone to Chinese, and my Chinese? Well, they say it's pretty good.
It's the weekend!
That's why I really love me, and being me. Three day weekends every weekend. What's not to love. This means I'll be around to post tomorrow, because I'm too lazy to post tonight.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's The Thing

Okay, so I've had two classes today. What have I learned? My fysem prof is boring, and that I know will be learning two chapter's worth of Chinese every week, which means about sixty new words every week. We get two days per chapter. We have a new teacher, bringing the total to two and a tutor.
I'm a bit crazy busy this particular second, but I hope to be around soon.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

She Has Arrived and Unpacked, And Her Roommate is Still Asleep

Yes, it's true. Despite my best efforts, SL is still asleep. This precious picture is my cousin JS and her adorable daughter EMS in their kitchen early this afternoon, where I stopped by to visit before catching the train.
Kisses and smiles,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

KSM is So Ready To Go Back

Well, here we are, ready to go back to school, or at least to be at school. Packing up tomorrow, and doing laundry, that kinda thing. Leaving here Saturday, train at about one. First I'm going to visit my cousin and her baby in Buffalo. Maybe I'll remember to take pictures of them for you.
With love!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finally. The Number of Times I've Tried to Post This Stuff.

So! Yesterday, I went for cheese and chocolate fondues at Rachael's (check her blog for further details.) KDHS was also there, and it wass delicious. We drank sparkling white grape juice and for the first time, I got to have Orangina (not sure how to spell it). It was fabulous! For those involved who needed an answer to this question, Sleepy Hollow is located about 20 minutes North of NYC, or at least according to WR it is. He might be lying- I don't believe him.
This gorgeous black bag was felted for me by KDHS, and is big enough to make a great purse, or even grocery shopping bag.
The pictures you see of a picture are my latest project. The gold ink doesn't show up really well, but you should know that it's uber sparkly and I am a big fan. This image, and the tree, were done in calligraphy inks using two different size nibs, which are a pain in the butt to clean out, let me tell you. No matter what I do, there always seems to be a bit of black or blue left in the nib when I go to use the gold or silver, and then we've got a mess on our hands.
And I wanted everyone to know, it was (and is today) very cold here yesterday. When I went to dishes after breakfast, the dish soap was frozen. That is ridiculous.
Love to all,
And Smiles ('cause I've got less than a week until I head back)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go CLCS HSB!!!!!!

They won a nail biting match at 62 to 60- that's not even a whole BONUS question. Scary!!! And their second match they won 95 to 42, no competition! Just wanted to give them their little bit and to let everyone know that they can hold their own without, you know, us.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Tree

This is my tree. It took me about three hours to do, done with a calligraphy pen with inks bought for me by my awesome Auntie KHM. I love drawing. I love Celtic things. I like trees. I like being crafty!!! Most of all, I love just being able to do stuff that is me. ME. Are we having fun yet? I went to visit my high school today, and I got to see my angel, KDHS, and a few other teachers whom I cherish and admire. Since last night, I've wanted to draw this tree. But talking to my teachers, hearing them talk about bright students and things others have done, made me want to work on something lovely. Maybe not so lovely, but here it is!
Smiles and kisses.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I've Finally Made a Pretty Thing!!!

Okay. This used to be my plain blue prom dress. I haven't brought the skirt into its fabulous next life. If you make the top picture bigger, you can sort of see the detail work I did down the front most two seems. It's silver and yellow, the yellow to match the flowers, and the silver is what I used to hem the shirt. It looks great with the 3/4 sleeve black tee-shirt that I... "fixed." I can't wait to wear it somewhere! It looks so much better than before. The beads took a really long time, but I'm very pleased with the results. I haven't shown Dad yet, but technically I bought the dress with birthday money... Granted he gave me the money, but still. And anyways, what were the chances I was going to wear the dress again in that form? Not very good. This was my day-long project two days ago, all by hand. Gosh I love free time. I watched a movie, made a fantastic lunch (something like taco salad, only with a Romanian twist, and homemade corn cakes instead of tacos...) and did this wonderful shirt!!!! I wasn't bored once, which is an improvement. Maybe tomorrow I'll start the skirt.
You should all nag me to study my languages soon, too, or I will be forgetting them.
Love and hugs

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Lazy Bard-Goer Returns To Her Post

Okay, just a few of the furry and feathered friends from my trip to visit family. Bet you can't guess who it was. Alright, from the top. Sunshine, Blue, Chico, PJ, Juliette (Julie/Jules), Mike and Razzle, Sarah and Sunny D, 4 of the out door cats (there are 9. I know their names, but not which name goes to which cat) , and Rings. Rings and I were best friends. I spent a lot of the time curled up with her, or petting her. She's the most gentle, sweet thing. Every night, she'd come into my bedroom and lay on the floor, and she wouldn't leave until I was up and out of there for the day. Chico and I are also good buddies. He's a cockatoo, but he picks his feathers- a bad habit from a former master. He and I love too play tug-of war. He dances and says the cutest things. Of all the birds, he's got the best voice. Blue and Sunshine are both 20 pound cats. Razzle was jealous of Sarah, though I'm willing to bet Mike spent more time with Razz than with his girlfriend. I had a great time, and wish I was still there, with my aunt and uncle, and all of their loving, fun pets. It's not a very quiet house....
Smiling and thinking of you all!!!