Thursday, November 27, 2008

SL and The Turkey!

SL requested she be allowed to help stuff the turkey, so we let her do the whole thing, and I took pictures for everyone! Yay! It was really cute. She thought it was funny. Leave it to a biology major to think sticking your hand inside a turkey is funny. But there you go. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and may you all have lots of Chullah (even though I know you probably don't. Good stuff. SL and I are making that together. We'll take pictures when it's done provided it turns out beautifully, which it always does.) I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Much love from KSM and SL, and trust me, there are lots of smiles.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

There You Are

There's the last of them! Enjoy!
Love you all- doing homework and going to work, sorry.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Video Two Is Here

Mua ha ha ha. It was warm here today. Warm as in maybe forty. But it felt good. No winter coat required. As you know, Wednesday draws nearer, and I cannot wait! I've been spinning more in free minutes, so I can crochet a scarf and thin spin some better roving I have. Mmm... Icelandic wool. A coffee color, and the other a cafe-au-lait color. That roving has a very specific end in mind. But one project at a time. (hahahaha- just kidding. Still making jewelry too. And writing a book. It never gets finished, does it?)
Can't wait to see everyone I'm going to get to see- just keep holding on folks, you'll have your KSM soon enough. And there's supposed to be a HSB reunion. I cannot wait! HSB unite! Yay us!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'll Do One Per Day

Today I am posting the first clip of the world's largest kaleidoscope adventure. It is located in Mt. Tremper New York, about thirty of forty minutes from Bard, in the Catskill area, in a barn silo. You will notice that due to the camera's proximity to me, it mostly only picked up my brilliant and "witty" remarks. Really. I realized part way through that I must sound like an idiot to everyone else. Doesn't matter, I guess, it was fun. We laid on the floor and looked at the ceiling, where there were enormous mirror things. There was a chair in my way, and I'm sorry about that. I'll put the second one up tomorrow, and so on. You people would have also been very entertained, I am sure. It was actually all images of presidents and snapshots from American history, though you can't tell in the video for the most part, except for my random exclamations about that. Very cool, very cool. I made some more jewelry, but I was too lazy to take pictures. I took inventory... And I don't have nearly enough prepared to sell. Funny how it seems like so much, and you work so hard to get it done for so long... And it's still not that much. Grr....
In other adventures yesterday, I bought my first pair of sunglasses since about fifth grade. Oh, and also, in order to get BF to be comfortable with getting her ears peirced (she was determined to, but as soon as we got to the mall she started chickening out) I got a third hole installed in my right ear (not in the cartlidge, never fear) in the ear lobe. When I asked my mother about hers, she told me that it was so, if you had a pair of posts that you loved and you lost one, you could still wear the other without it looking strange. I decided to take that up. It's a good philosophy. We also went to the bookstore! A real bookstore! Yay! In reward for all our hard work. I limited myself to fifteen dollars and made it out only having spent sixteen, so I was alright. Yay! I had so much fun yesterday. Even if you don't buy anything at the bookstore, you always feel the better for having gone. I always feel guilty when my phone rings in a bookstore, but I don't think the same rules apply there as do at the library, so I'm not exactly certain why.
What else do I know? I know that wednesday (After classes) means I get to go home, with SL, and have fun and real food and see friends- the best of friends, and my sister-by-heart who I haven't seen in nearly four months. That's a long time to wait. A very long time.
And I suppose that's enough from me. I have to work this afternoon for someone else, so I must go. (If anyone wonders, it was well below freezing last night and I couldn't feel my legs or face the entire three hours. Brr. Makes me shiver just to think of it. Still no snow here. Celebrate!)
How is everyone else? You guys don't talk much and I'd love to hear from you.
Hugs and Kisses
A few giggles, if necessary and desired,

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some Things

I'm here!!! I am. So, more jewels. And some yarn that I spun, and what I began crocheting with it. Yay me and my fun crafts!!! Yay me!!!! Umm... So, today. Today was fantastic. Today, my friends BF and JA went on a girls day with me! And we went to the bookstore, and the mall... And then, we went to the world's largest kaleidoscope. I video-taped the whole thing on my camera, but I'll put pictures from that up tomorrow. It was so much fun. And then we had great, wonderful literature debates over dinner back at Bard. And it was sooooo much fun. I have to go do homework, so that later BF and I can watch a movie while I make jewelry. And then I have work. It's a bit cold here... Like, twenty degrees plus windchill. Brr. But I'll dress warmly. Auntie KHM, I really wish the headband was here... I went to the post office eagerly this morning, but it hasn't arrived... Sadly.
Love love love love love you!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

100 Posts!!!! Ahh!!! A Milestone, At Last

Just more work that has been done. This was...Yesterday? And I watched a couple of movies. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, which was cute-ish. Umm... Have any of you ever read "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead."? It's a completely hilarious extension to "Hamlet", and the movie was also very good. Laughed til I cried. Have to love a sense of humor like that.I had work tonight, and we were calling parents. (We don't call parents of freshmen... Give them a year to warm up to Bard and all.) We had some students call their own parents, which is funny to watch. I discovered someone I know from home in my pile. I didn't know she came to Bard, so I was utterly surprised, which was fantastic. We're meeting up tomorrow to chat and visit. I can't wait. And more good news! I do believe I managed to get into the advanced French class here (unofficially). The sad news is that this means no more Chinese this year, and consequently probably ever, since the two classes occur at the same time. It's very sad, but let's face it; when was I going to use that?
Still, I feel a bit guilty.
Much love,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Umm... Out of Clever Titles For Now, This Will Have to Suffice

So.... More jewels, more time gone, more homework done, more quizzes taken, you know the lot. I was finally talked into watching Casino Royale, and it wasn't any good. Definitely a guy movie, although I will say that Daniel Craig has an attractive build. They killed an Aston Martin, and any movie that does that, in my book, is not worth anything. Anyways, the Wall-E Place mat on my wardrobe was a gift from bff VRP and her parentals. Thank you! I love it! I was so excited to get it. I love Wall-E. I have work the next three nights, but no classes tomorrow, so I should be around then, at least.
I love everyone, and I hope you're all doing very well!
Smiles and Kisses,
lots of Boo for everyone,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mud, Worms, and Stupid Statements

The first two pics are from my adventure last night. Here's how it went. Foot patrol. Rainy, windy. Bard becomes a giant mudslide game when it rains, and a swamp. So we're walking down the hill, and I'm slipping around. Sam says, "Don't fall." And then what? Down I went. Coated in mud. Coat, pants, hands, shoes. Whatever. Sam, "I gave you simple instructions! You had one thing to do, and you can't follow directions!" Well, Sam, you're very lucky the giant maglite in my hand didn't go through our skull. (the only thing stopping me was the fact that then I'd have to call security on myself and explain to them why Sam had a maglite sized hole in his head.)
And yesterday I had to write an essay, so i wasn't nearly as productive with the jewelry, but I had fun. I watched movies. mmm. I want popcorn now.
Did I mention the worms? I've never seen so many worms in my life. Eeeeeeewwwwwww. I hate worms. Dead body? Okay. (anatomy lab) Dissecting a cat? Almost okay. Blood? Fine. Worms? Eew. Gross gross gross gross. People were like, "Aww, how cute, she's trying to save the worms." Nope. I just hate the thought of worm guts on my shoes. I had to keep telling myself not to look down, or it was going to be a very long night. Shudder. Eew.
I love you all!!!!
I'm in a good mood, because I don't have to do anything (I already vacuumed and made an effort to get the pants clean without doing laundry- right, I did laundry yesterday, and that made me mad). Yay!

Friday, November 14, 2008

And There Is More...

It's a never ending job, I'll tell you what. But, in the end, it may be worth it. I know it's a hobby I've certainly gotten a lot out of over the years. I made a day of it today, once I rolled out of bed and all the formalities were observed. I also made a journey into Red Hook to get some heavier gauge wire and some crimps beads- the bare necessities of making anything wonderful. So now that I have an increased stock of crimp beads, the non-sterling jewelry can be made! Celebrate!
Love to everyone.
I'm gonna eat popcorn and watch a movie.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

There's A Craft Fair in December

There's going to be a craft fair in the campus center on December 5th from ten until five, and the tables are free. I'm signed up for a table selling jewels and perhaps, if I find the time and something to make the frames from, dream catchers. These are pics of some of my new creations. Just some quick earrings. In case anyone wonders, there are some others that are being kept secret for further revealing later... And this pic of me was taken on Halloween. Very cute, right?
Got my second math exam back today, only got an 80. Better than I was thinking I did, but not nearly as good as I was hoping. The usual dumb mistakes, that, and the Chinese quiz I took today. I expect, someday, I'll be perfect and not make really dumb mistakes, but I haven't stopped yet, so, the future's not looking so bright there. In the meantime, phonathon is going wonderfully. I really like the job, and it'll pay very soon. Not to mention, he rehires us in the spring, meaning I'll at least have three more weeks of work in the spring from which to reap money. What else do I know? It's the weekend for me! No class tomorrow, which is nice. I get to sleep in as late as I want. And I'm going to. In other news, there is no Scottish dancing tomorrow night, which makes me very sad.
And that's all I know this minute.
and kisses
and smiles
and even more smiles
it's almost the weekend.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

She Leaves You With Promises of Writing Soon

Really. I'll post tomorrow. Life's crazy just now.
But I love you all.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

She's A Genius! (Just Kidding)

Really, she's not. In fact, sometimes she can be quite dense. This is one of those times. I got assigned five pages on anything we've read so far (an interpretation with very strict guidelines) this year. Anything! And we've read almost an entire anthology of shortish drama, one of short stories, and one of poetry. And it took me half a day to find something that made sense to write about in terms of the class. I have 3 and a half pages. So I'm on the fourth page, but it isn't going any further than that, because yours truly decided to be brilliant and write her paper about a Shakespearean sonnet. 14 lines of poetry, and it's supposed to take me five pages to interpret it? I don't think so. And he wanted part of it to be a few pages of summary. Well, I'd practically have to make the poem a love letter in order to do that. I don't know what to do...
I have nothing very interesting to report, I am sorry to say. I had a pretty good time at work last night, despite the rain, and it being only RG and I. I mean, SA was sick, so, just the two of us worked. We found out who was slowing us down. It was rather a silly night, though, if I recall correctly... Which I inevitably do.
Well, gonna scoot and do a tad more studying.
Love and kisses!

Friday, November 07, 2008

If Any One Ever Offers You...

If anyone ever offers to dance Bluebonnets with you to bagpipe music, tell them no. Tell them no, and run like hell in the other direction. I repeat, say no. It WILL kill you. You see, when the bagpipes play for Scottish dances, they will only play it so that you dance through a 32 bar dance 8 times. In a two couple set, since this is a two couple dance, that's once and to the bottom four times. She just HAD to play the bagpipes, just had to, once, she said. Once. At least once every lesson. Usually we do it for the Reel of the Royal Scotsman, and that can be torture too, but we do that early on. No. Bluebonnets? Last dance, after dancing for an hour and a half straight. There is one thing I can say about the two couple dances in Scottish country dancing; they keep you moving. They have to- there's no one else TO move. Now if only more people would show up to lessons. It's so much fun, especially in a skirt. They heat the entire gym entirely too much here, which is ridiculous. First of all, it makes the floor to sticky so your ghillies won't go, and secondly, it makes you sweat like a stuck pig. Wrong expression. That would be bleed. Umm... Well,I know. Sweat like a snowman who knew he was going to Hell. All four of us finally just stopped moving. Sometimes the easiest thing to do with your legs is let them give out. I didn't, of course, but I have put a big dent in the ocean...

In other news (work went well yesterday- I more than doubled the amount I made for Bard) I made cookies today. Seriously. You know how in all those movies they have those perfect housewives who spend a few minutes preparing something, pop it into the oven, and then three minutes later they pull out a perfectly done turkey, or batch of gingerbread man, or whatever it is? Haven't you always wanted that oven? I found it. It does exist. I put my tray of cookies in, went to check on them FOUR MINUTES (four any one who doesn't know that is only 240 seconds)only to discover they were burnt. Not just lightly burnt. Burnt burnt. So I had to roll the cookie dough, put it in, stand there and roll the cookies for the next tray, take one tray out and put the next one in. It literally takes like 3.5 minutes to bake a sheet of cookies. And of course there's only one rack in the oven. There's space for two, but somewhere along the way, one went missing. Interesting experience. Everyone kept walking past asking me if I was baking something. Of course I was baking something!!! Did they think I was opening and shutting the door of the oven with it at 350 degrees for my health? On a perfect day like today? Because it was certainly a perfect day here. Sunny and warm but not hot. And still fall colors, and leaves everywhere on the ground. It was sort of a bizarre day. Strange things kept happening to me, like with the oven. And then once, I had a pair of socks in my hand, and then they disappeared. I raided the entire building. It's not like you can miss them, they're bright blue and polka dotted. I swear. Didn't find those. And then I was brushing my teeth and the sink turned itself on. I wish the world would behave.
In one further scary coincidence today, the math teacher decided to inform us that there existed a math built on the idea that infinity is a point. (The concept of absolute infinity (like this) was noted in my paper that I posted a few days ago). So, they said that it was a point, at some time, it just had to stop. And they wanted to know what would happen if that were true. Well, the first thing that would be true, which was approximately where I stopped processing things, is that parallel lines would intersect. Stop right there. That goes against anything. I hope they do offer a logic or philosophy of math class soon, because I have wanted to take one for years. I love wrapping my mind around things that are intangible. It makes my day, because then you have all sorts of cool party tricks to try out on people. You can make their head hurts, once you've mastered the concepts.
But I'll leave that. I fell for the first time today since coming here. Embarrassingly enough, it was in front of a teacher and a student I didn't know. I was stepping off of some old stone stairs, listening to music, and as anyone who listens to music and has ever seriously studied an instrument does, I tend to walk in step with my music. I missed a beat. And down I went. I laughed the whole way to lunch.
KSM still loves you

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Started phonathon last night. In about 2.5 hours, I called approximately 100 people. Of course, not everybody answers. Mostly it's the ones who are supposed to be big donors. Go figure. Rich people who have lives? No way. It went alright- not as well as I would have liked, but it wasn't as scary as I feared. I got 5 pledges and 3 will considers. Other than that, there were some good conversations. Gotta love the angry ones- they actually made it worthwhile. Also, the ones who rant about anything as an excuse to not give money. There was this once where this old man had been talking for fifteen minutes (we're supposed to spend about 5 minutes on each call), and I accidentally turned the volume down all the way so I couldn't hear him, and I didn't know how to turn it back up, so I just said, "Okay, have a wonderful evening! Bye." And hung up. Better than the girl next to me, who called someone, said hello and hung up, then fell out of her chair laughing. And of course, the managers like to play games. Example: while you're on the phone with someone you're supposed to ask for lots of money, coming over and tickling you or otherwise distracting you so that you randomly burst into fits of laughter while trying to keep a straight face. There's only one thing I really have to say about it; asking someone you don't know and haven't talked to for more than, say, thirty seconds, for $5,000 does NOT give you a rosy feeling inside. Not not not. As a group, we made over $5,000 last night, which was way over what the goal for the evening was. I work again to night. It's actually amusing, since we work in a big group. There would be these silences where there was only one person talking, and that makes you feel awkward if you're that one person, because you know everyone is listening.
And... I know nothing else right now. I need to go get some homework done.
Love you all!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Today I'd Like To Treat You...

So today I'm going to post a real treat. This is a quick, messy presentation I put together for my FYSEM class this Wednesday. I have to write an actual paper on it, and that will be more formal, but you may feel smarter after reading this, and it maybe will someday be useful information for someone, who knows. By the way, before I paste it in, just let me say that, if Descartes at any point had friends, he didn't have any by the time he died. I would've punched him, personally, if he'd been my friend. I read "Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy," which was quite good. For anybody who doesn't mind long sentences and mind games, I would say go for it. Descartes is actually quite sarcastic, and a fun read.
So, here it is.

Descartes Proofs of the Existence of “God”

Descartes proof for the existence of God is an ontological one. An ontological proof is one wherein the arguer claims that simply by understanding the meaning of the word "God", we are led to the unarguable conclusion that he must therefore exist. Descartes essentially defines the word "God" as "a supremely perfect being,” using an archaic definition for the word “perfect” which means, not an impossible ideal, but something that is the best possible ever, something containing more reality. This enables him to use phrases such as “more perfect,” “less perfect,” and “supremely perfect,” while at the same time disables modern phrases, such as “nothing is perfect.”

Descartes begins the journey to the end of his proof by speaking about things he knows; himself. He has doubts, therefore he must not be perfect, (pg 19) because knowing is surely more perfect than doubting. Therefore, he says, something more perfect than him must exist, because something more perfect(what contains more reality)(pg 73) cannot come into existence out of something less perfect, just as you cannot make something out of nothing. Ergo, the idea was placed in him by something more perfect, and that something is what he calls “God.” Descartes knew of some perfections that existed that he did not possess, so naturally it followed that there was something more perfect – “God”- on which he depended.

On page 76, Descartes defines “God” as being “a certain substance that is infinite, independent, supremely intelligent and supremely powerful, and that created me along with everything else that exists- if anything else exists.” From his definition, Descartes slowly reverse engineers the existence of God. He begins by saying that he, Descartes, could not arise from self alone, so “God” necessarily exists. Before addressing how he came about, however, Descartes points out that he is a finite substance, so that the idea of an infinite substance must spring from the existence of some substance that really was infinite. It’s the same idea that something can’t come of nothing. How would a finite substance conceive of an infinite substance unless that infinite substance manifested itself, somehow, in the “mind” of the finite substance? Something that is infinite has more reality and is thus more perfect. In effect, Descartes is saying that the perception of “God” (i.e. the idea of God existing) springs from our perception of self. He supports this by offering the question “how else would we recognize our defects?” If we have nothing more perfect than ourselves to compare ourselves against, surely we would not recognize the fact that we are, in fact, defective.

This strand carries into the idea (pgs 77 and 78) of creation, being the creation of he, himself, what he knows. If he had gotten his being from himself, he would not lack anything at all, meaning he would have no defects, and that he, then, would be himself, “God.” And if he had been created by his parents, or any other being, then he would have to ask of them how they were created, thus perpetuating the cycle. But he knows that he is not perfect (he doubts, and therefore he lacks something), and thus he cannot be “God.” He offers another proof that he is not “God.” He is subject to a gradual increase of knowledge, which he says proves absolutely that he is not “God.” Since “God” is actually infinite, in Descartes mind, meaning that “God” is the infinite, perfect substance defined above, nothing can be added to his perfection, because he is lacking in nothing. (An actual infinity is something which is completed and definite and consists of infinitely many elements. Therefore, being completed, nothing else may be added to it).

The actual proof of the existence of “God” comes around pages 88 and 89. Descartes begins by describing a triangle. He imagines the triangle. Even if the triangle does not exist outside his head, it still has “a certain determinant essence, nature, or form.” He gives, as examples, various properties that could still be demonstrated, such as the fact that the 3 angles add up to 2 right angles, and that the hypotenuse (being the longest side) is opposite the largest angle. Without those two (and many more defining characteristics) properties being demonstrable, it would follow that the figure Descartes imagined was not a triangle. Sort of like “God” and perfection. If one imagines “God” it must have the property of being perfect, and infinite, or it is not, in fact, “God.”

Here’s where we finally add all the pieces together into something that makes sense, and which is Descartes proof of the existence of God. Descartes argues that existence is a perfection. If one says “God” does not exist, then it is saying that “God” is lacking perfection, which cannot be, since “God” is a supremely perfect being. “Thus, it is no less contradictory to think of God (that is, a supremely perfect being) lacking existence (that is, lacking some perfection) than it is to think of a mountain without a valley.” However, just because you can think of a mountain without a valley, it does not prove that a mountain (any mountain) exists anywhere in the world. So it follows that though he thinks that “God” exists, it is not necessarily so, since thoughts have no bearing on either necessity or reality. BUT whether or not the mountain and valley exist, you cannot imagine them independent of one another. Think about it. Imagine a mountain. What you are imagining is likely somewhat like an inverted ‘v.’ A mountain range would just be a series of inverted ‘v’s.’ So, remove the valley from the mountain. Remove the valleys from all the mountains. You can’t, or what started out as a mountain range ends up as a plateau. So the idea of the mountain and the valley are inseparable, just as you Descartes could not think of “God” except as existing. (Because existence is a perfection, and “God” is infinitely perfect, and so would possess all perfections, and therefore, would possess existence as well). So God and existence are inseparable (just as the mountain and the valley) and therefore, God must exist.

Interestingly enough, the main counter argument to Descartes comes from Immanuel Kant, an 18th century Prussian philosopher. (It is applicable to most ontological arguments). Kant basically argued that “existence is not an assignable trait.” His argument was that you could not define something into existence. Just because I can define a chimera does not mean that it exists, etc. The real problem with Descartes proof of the existence of “God” is that he just proves the existence of this “supremely perfect” substance or thing, but never gets around to actually proving what that the thing is, just labeling it “God.” So, chances are, it is not the God of Judeo-Christianity, or, really, any other related conception of "God.” However, that supremely perfect thing exists, according to the Ontological proof, and all we need to know is that it is God. This does seem to prove that there’s an enormous flaw in the ontological argument, but that's how the majority of proofs of “God” work; they first define “God” using rather simple ideas - creator, the first thing, the most perfect thing, the existence of Good, etc - and then prove that that simple idea exists, leaving room to turn it into “God” later.

Happy Sunday everybody...