Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!

So here are some pictures of some friends in their costumes, and moi, of course. I have two costumes, both as princess. One as renaissance, and one as punk princess, which is the black and red, which I wore with jeans. The only reason I changed was for Scottish dancing, because my skirt from the renaissance-ish one was way too long and would have tripped me up. There's another quick Celtic knot, working from theory.
My friend, J, who is Ash (the one with Pikachu in her hand) went all out. She handmade her costume, like me, and it was great. She even had made pokemon badges, and was wearing them on the inside of her best. Go J. L, from my Calc 2 class, is Jackson Pollock, or a Jackson Pollock. She woke up early and invited her roommate to fling paint at her. It looked great. J makes a great which. C is the cutest chapstick. And M is supposed to be Aunt Sam, but the brim of her hat turned up and you couldn't see it. Fun fun fun. Lots of compliments on my costume today. I thought maybe I'd mixed up the days, as I walked across campus and people stared. I mean, really, no one should have been staring, this is a college campus anyways. And I'm still wearing a tiara...
That's the weird thing. When you're out and about, it doesn't feel so strange to wear a costume. But when you're alone in your room, it's terribly distrubing to be wearing a costume. I mean, really. Really really. Weird. Then I was going to lunch, and my friend BF comes out, and she had told me her grandparents were coming to see her... Well, guess what? They were with her. I turned around and started walking the other way, going "oh crap. not like this..." She made me go back and meet them, and her grandma told me it was a strange thing to wear. Then we told her it was Hallowe'en, and it made more sense to her then.
There was a lot of Hallowe'en activity here, parties and haunted house and movies and costumes. And you know, it's only here you'd get the really geeky ones. I can't talk, of course, because I knew what they were. For example, one group of my 'friends' were Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ford Prefect, and Arther Dent. There was another one I wasn't so sure about... It was a group of five people wearing blue clothes with darker blue stripes with 'z's' on the breast, and wearing red hats. Anyone explain that to me? It's probably something I don't want to know about, but I am curious. And all sorts of other weird things.
Happy Hallowe'en everyone!
Smiling (because of the tiara on my head and the m&ms in my hand)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Was Going to Be Crafty...

These are, respectively, a partial view from my window tonight (which was so breathtaking I couldn't believe it. It only got better. I was watching it as I was walking back from dinner after I took this one, and it was better. All the purple and gold and orange... You wouldn't believe it. But I didn't walk fast enough to get pictures- I'm sorry) and my roommate, SL, who's an angel.
I'd stick around, but there's a Chinese quiz tomorrow, and like it or not, I do need to study some more.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thanks to the Best Roommate in the World

SL, famed roommate from northern China, made me realize something today. She's somewhat of an amazing photographer. She bought herself a great digital camera and tripod here, because she didn't bring hers from home. But she was complaining that she didn't use her camera to its full potential. I told her that a camera, so long as it's used, is being used to its full potential. While that may not be the truth, it does not matter. I realized I only ever put really meaningful pictures here, things that I want you to see. That in effect, I only make my camera work for me, instead of enjoying it. Most times in life, we just take pictures of things we want to remember, events and people and places. We never look at things through our own eyes, and so often our memories are colored by the camera lens. I often take pictures just for the sake of taking pictures, and I decided to put some of them here. They're taken at many different times, in several places, and none of them is remarkable, except in the fact that they don't focus on anything particularly important. Well, except for the face, which is a thoroughly cat-ish picture of sister PB, and totally accidental.
Love to you all,
and cute moments

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Midnight And I'm Posting

So, I can't really tell you what this is, except that it relates to my theory on the origin of Celtic knots. They are in the order that I drew them, and yes, it is all the same knot, and yes, it is purely my creation. Spearmint leaves are tasty. I'm going to run this theory by some people and do some more, and see what I get. And maybe I'll compile an album of them...
Scottish dancing was wonderful tonight! And since the aerobics room was super heated, I don't think any of us breathed the whole time. Oh, and if you notice the ocean has fallen another few inches, it's from the participants in our class. I tell you peeps, hard work. We did reels all night. (Okay, one was called a reel and wasn't really, but there was still the moving around people in weird-almost-figure-eights.) But they're loverly. Oh, and for my aunties, who may or may not be reading this... Is either one of you good with a sewing machine? (Or KDHS- I think you've helped with costume shop before at school, I may have a question for you.) I have a favor to ask of one of you, anyways.
Yay Friday! Technically, it's Yay! Saturday. But whatever.
I love you all.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Everyone Knows, Chocolate Always Helps

It's true. unfortunately, my chocolate supply is suffering right now from this sentiment, but it's alright.
I'll have my daddy in a few days, and hopefully my winter coat with him. Love to have that. It's bloody cold here, let me tell you. The snow has been teasing for a few days here, and I hate that. Me no likey snow.
Chinese midterm tomorrow, so I can't stay long. I know somewhere around two hundred words right now. And I remember them all very well. I can read them, write them, and say them. Yay me! Not much of an accomplishment, in the scope of things. They say you need around two thousand characters to read a newspaper in Chinese. I'm a tenth of the way there. Yuck. If I continue next semester, though, I'm supposed to finish the second semester with about one thousand words, which would be an accomplishment, I guess. But then, they might actually make me right essay paragraphs. Eew.
That's not what I came here to say.
I came here to say I have had a song stuck in my head for nearly a week and I can't believe it and I wish it would get out. I blame you KHM, I blame you. And everywhere I go, every time I open up my mouth, guess what comes out? I was in the math room early the other day, listening to the song and singing along, and this girl came in and started laughing. I felt ridiculous. If any of you care, the song is "Somebody Loved" by The Weepies. It's very sweet, and many of their songs from their album "Happiness" are also sweet. I like them very much. Thank you auntie KHM for that.
I love everybody, and miss everybody, and would give you all great big hugs if it were physically possible.
Love KSM
PS- Who knew Reeses Pieces were so delicious? Not I, certainly.

Monday, October 20, 2008

She's Back Again

This is my drop spindle. It's very very pretty. That's the roving I was spinning, and which is in the basket in one of the pictures below. My friend S, who went to dinner with me the other night, brought these beautiful chopsticks for me. Thank you S!!! And these are a wonderful calligraphy ink and paper set, from Auntie KHM.
Thank you Auntie KHM, I had a wonderful time. I'm sorry that I disappeared for a bit, everyone else. I love you all too. And special thanks go out to Uncle RHM, for giving up his wife on his birthday so she could visit me. I had a wonderful time. I did I did I did. So, my new hobby. (Like I really needed another one, right?) Spinning. I've done spinning before, with an actual spinning wheel, but it's pretty fast to learn on a drop spindle, and it's nice to keep my hands busy. So, what else do you want to know? Knitters are crazy (or, if you prefer, mentally hilarious), but don't underestimate them. There were an incredible number of them there. We were seriously lost in the parking GROUNDS for at least twenty minutes, because we couldn't remember exactly where we'd parked. We had a general idea, but that was no good. Crazy people. And then traffic was backed up until next year. I couldn't even count the number of vehicles being driven by old men, with old ladies sitting and knitting next to them. That was funny. And then, last night (she's no longer here so she can't kill me) when we got back to our hotel, she tried to get into the building using her credit card. Funny funny. Good times, I tell you what.
Much love
and many kisses
and heaps of smiles

Friday, October 17, 2008


Shall I say it again? I'm having fun. Lots of fun. This much fun should be outlawed. Well, not really. Maybe it is.
So, anyways. She still hasn't had her surprise, but that's the goal for tomorrow when I go to my room after the wool festival. Woot. Happy things, happy things. I had to get a new notebook for math class today, so I went to Target, and can you believe it? A five subject notebook (which is something like a billion pages) was only 3.99. I was convinced they were marked wrong, but not. So I was verrrrrry happy about that. We went to dinner tonight at a Wok, and we took SL and S with us, and we had sooo much fun, despite the shouting Chinese woman who was pushy and mean-ish. The food was good, and the leftovers went back to the dorm with the Chinese girlies, because they miss it so much.
And lots of other good things! Weee!
I'm having so much fun.
How many times have I said that now? Perhaps I ought to stop typing stream of consciousness. My apologies for this, everyone. I'll try and restrain myself.
Love and smooches.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fairy Picnic

Second mommy sent me an adorable kit to make a fairy picnic, so I did! Aren't they adorkable? The skirts are made from silk flowers. Sooo cute. There were supposed to be two small plates and one big one, but the numbers got switched. Still, it's a cute thing and I had a lot of fun putting it together.
Thank you second mommy! Auntie KHM arrives today, so I'm gonna go anxiously await her arrival with some music.
Love and kisses,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who Says We Don't Love College Life?

These are some of the beautiful colors back at home! I wasn't paying enough attention to take pictures of actual trees, but when I went out for a walk, I picked leaves up and made a bouquet of leaf-flowers. I love all the wonderful colors. Look at the red one! The other picture is a poem I wrote in calligraphy, for friend DX. It's "Sure on This Shining Night" by James Agee, which is a beautiful poem. Last year in chorale we sang an arrangement of it that I'm in love with, which is why I know all the words by heart.
I'm back in my room, awaiting tomorrow's Chinese midterm and also, the arrival of Auntie KHM. We're both extremely excited for this visit! I'm very happy to return, I must say. SL and I missed each other very much. She asked me last night as I was falling asleep what we were going to do over the winter holidays, when we're apart for a month. It was sweet. We're good friends- so all of you know. I am still getting along really well with my roommate.
I will be back to my normal postings tomorrow!
Love and lots and lots of smiles
(because I'm soooooo happy to be back in my element)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aah... Another Lazy Day

All of my crafty stuff is at school. I did do some pictures for the blog today, but the cable for my camera is hiding back in my room at school.
Little bro M took me on a ride on his motorcycle today. I enjoyed it (other than the part where I got an awful leg cramp and involuntarily put my foot down as we were turning a corner.) I think I would probably enjoy it more if I was the one in control (as is all aspects of my life), since pretty much all I could see was the back of his helmet. I wore my father's helmet, and when I turned my head the wind would catch it just right and make it rattle. So I had to look straight forward or be driven crazy. If only M wasn't so tall. And no, I did not have to hold on to him for dear life, as he and my father installed the backrest on it today. That was rather amusing to watch, let me say. The two can be silly. I wish you all could have seen when they bounced their heads off of one another. It was good. And they kept misplacing bolts, and Crescent wrenches (I don't know if that's the proper spelling for that.)
What else, what else?
I caught up with some of Dad's fambly, which was nice to do.
Hmm. Oh, we had a bonfire tonight. It was my two brothers and their girlfriends, and the married adults, and I was all by myself and sad because I had no one to hang out with and talk to. So I studied some Chinese for the midterm on Thursday. I just can't escape it. Never ever.
love you all
and Smiling because I played with fire and am covered in soot and ashes,

She Is Alive!!!

Hey everyone! It's me, returned from the absence of internet capabilities. There was a small misunderstanding involving a switch that I didn't know existed. And now we're all functional again, here at home! Yay me and us! A big hug and thanks goes out here to KDHS for all of her help and for all her love. I had a wonderful time, and getting off the train after seven hours to see her smiling face was a gift. There was only one delay in the train ride, and it was half of an hour long. A freight train was stopped on the tracks ahead of us with mechanical problems, and we had to wait for it to get that all fixed before we could get going again.
I watched La Vie en Rose yesterday on the train, and it was wonderful. The music was phenomenal. Edith Piaf, (who, if you are not familiar with is amazing) has the most unique and delightful voice. It was well done. And, as always, I love watching movies in French.
Tonight, some of the family and I went to dinner (mmm, fish fry, cole slaw, and fries) and then to see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. While the movie was only okay, the soundtrack was, again, phenomenal.
Be back soon, I promise!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Some Crafty Things!!!

For the record, I do realize that two of these spoil my cover as KSM. Not entirely, but still. I will continue to be KSM here still, so just try and pretend this never happened.
This necklace is hammered sterling. It took quite a long time to complete. The wire is not thick enough, so the necklace keeps falling apart. Not breaking. Falling apart. It's too much effort to fix it, so you won't see this one around until I manage to get heavier wire from home.
I dug out my calligraphy pen tonight, and the ink was dried up, but happily, I had more with me. My hands are now coated with ink (it stains) since I had to rinse the nib very thoroughly. These are both on our bedroom door, as are other decorations. This first one is done in Arabic style English alphabet- way too much fun, let me tell you.
And this one I was trying out some fancier stuff on. Like I said, way too much fun. It should be outlawed, especially when I'm studying for a quiz. Oh, and Chinese looks great in calligraphy. Some other day...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sorry Folkies

I've got tons of work. Okay, well not so much work as studying. Sorry I can't stay and chat at you today, but I'm really struggling with this weeks batch or words, so I must go and study a few more hours. Hopefully I'll have a handle on them by tomorrow, and you can see me again!
Love and kisses
and smiles to hold you over,

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Okay, let's see. Pretty trees. Halloween early for the squirrel. A desk and chair over looking an enormous ravine. A very cool, demented tree. What else? Oh- the old pool. The artwork is all from the old pool that is not in use. And an old chimney that has also been decorated. There were all sorts of interesting things to see on my journey to find the mill (which I didn't find- I was given really bad directions. "Go down the dirt road just past smog (doens't exist) and walk for a ways, and turn right (where?!!!!) and walk. You can't miss it- it's built into the side of the hill). I forgot all about the cheese making tutorial, so I didn't go. I'll have to get directions to the mill some other day. Ooh, but there were interesting things. Such as a shrink-wrapped tree, what looked like the nose of an airplane hanging from a tree, part of a room built into the trees, and many many other things. I decided to quit when the wind started blowing, and here's why. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. These apple trees were huge and everywhere, so it didn't matter how far from the tree the apples fell. When they started falling, I heard death calling; those babies were loud hitting even the soft ground. I had no interest in meeting my end by way of falling apple. So I went to the waterfall instead.
It was cold last night- very very cold. And I didn't get much sleep so I'm a touch testy today. So I'm going to go...
Love you!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

When Will Autumn Arrive?

It's been in the forties here during the daytime the fast three or four days, though the sun has been shining. I look for signs of autumn, but it is slow coming to the Hudson Valley. Here are a few pics for you, so you can see for yourself. Many of the trees that ARE turning, are only partially turning, as in the first picture. I keep waiting. I know it's going to be good when all the trees are red and yellow and orange.
Tomorrow, in addition to perhaps attending a cheese-making workshop (sounds like fun, right?) I am going to venture to an old secret place I've heard of, and hopefully (if the weather's good) I'll have light for pictures. I hear that it's very cool. Wait and see, and we'll find out. Also, I may try to find the waterfall, as I have yet to do so. I know you'd love to see pictures.
I'm working on some beading projects, so, see you around!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Going in Circles

I did something crafty! I did two somethings crafty, but you're only getting one. You can see the other in a few weeks. This is a necklace I made for me. And it's totally made of tiny silver rings. I had to make the rings, too, so don't think I got off easy. The clasp is worn in the front because it's soooo pretty.
And that's that.
Happy Thursday.
By the way, I just finished watching The Water Horse, and it was a terribly cute movie. And sad, a little. But very good. I'm glad I watched it.

Much love from me to you.