Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pictures for Your Pleasure

They are out of order! Be warned!

There are these stunning outcroppings of rock all over the cemetery, and all over he forests. They're just beautiful. You can't be sure here unless you actually see them, but the trees really are growing through the rocks.
See, proof!
Other places, this hanging type plant grows all over them, and it makes me think of water slowly cascading. It's absolutely breathtaking. I wish you could all live here.
This is just a picture from the outer limits of the community garden. I'll put more up some time...
Ahh... Home sweet home... In the toaster.
Last night was craft night. Music, people, crafts, and food. What could be better? I decorated this picture frame. It was so much fun. By the way, hot glue guns are dangerous, despite what young men may think, and it DOES hurt if you get burned by one.
This statue is in our zen garden, which gets remade every spring.
The bench in our Zen garden is much like that in the Native American Museum in DC. I only took a shot of a fraction of it, but this thing is absolutely enormous. There's even a firepit...
This is the staircase in the president's front lawn, which I love because it so ramshackle and overgrown. It's great. More of my favorite outcroppings. I love the tree roots that have surfaced and the rock and all of that flowing green...
I hope you've enjoyed the journey! More to come eventually, I promise. It's like Heaven here.
Love and kisses

Friday, August 29, 2008


Allow me to begin by telling you all that registering for classes the primitive way is literally Hell. I am dead serious. It's like part of some really tortuous initiation ceremony. Congratulations, you've matriculated, now go run around for several hours like an idiotic chicken with your head lopped off and try and put together your own darn schedule and don't make any mistakes or you'll just have to do it all over again and you won't get into any of the classes you wanted. Grr. Grr. Roar. My adviser, who is unnamed, is teaching the French class I want. And I got in. And she decided that there were too many people for an intermediate French class. And she decided that I had to take something else instead. Me! Her advisee! And now I'm feeling just a bit hurt now, I must admitt. It's very sad. So, yours truly is now enrolled in beginner's Chinese, to spite her adviser... And I have the double advantage of sister PB and roommate SL. One is fairly fluent, the other is Chinese, so I'm set. The math department did something good. If the classes were getting full, they only let in proposed math and science majors. Not the language department. That's so stupid. I'm supposed to be a French major! Those others are taking it for fun and as required, but I want it because it's... Well, you get the picture. Silly people.
And so, it is over. I've got classes and I didn't get anything done because the process took forever. I did finish my book last night- that makes what? Five or six or something like that. This one has got a great title and I really love it and I was distressed to finish it. I missed the characters as soon as I finished it. They were practically family for the past several months. Now I'm working on a new one that is also very exciting. I know I'm being vague and ambiguos, but that's just to drive you crazy. Don't have to go, but I feel like it. Talk soon.
Much love.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Beautiful Poem

This is a poem I just found, and I think it's really quite wonderful.

Immortal Love by Louise Blick
Like a door
The body opened and
The soul looked out.
Timidly at first, then
less timidly
until it was safe.
Then in hunger it ventured.
Then in brazen hunger,
then at the invitation
of any desire.

Promiscuous one, how will you find
god now? How will you
ascertain the divine?
Even in the garden you were told
to live in the body, and suffer in it
if that comes to be necessary.
How will god find you
if you are never in one place
long enough, never
in the home he gave you?

Or do you believe
you have no home, since god
never meant to contain you?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

B's Earrings

We did a secret santa in my L&T group. We had a party where we baked delicious cookies and talked and listened to music. I made a wonderful world music mix for my instructor, KH, and these earrings for the girl whose name I drew (B). They are sterling, glass, red pearl, and that beautiful multicolored stone is jasper... Some call it petrified wood. It's beautiful, and I am in awe of it.

For any of you who have not heard me crow my victory yet, I would just like to say that I took a calculus quiz (cumulative) to see if I could place into calculus 2, and I got a 100 percent on that thing. Take that, KR. Take that.

Okay, I need to run.
Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She Didn't Say So On HER Blog...

PlumBlossom didn't say so on her blog, but I think she won't kill me if I spill. She's still on the plane, I am fairly certain. But my sister PB is on her way to China!!! Woohoo PlumBlossom. I wanted to celebrate how genuinely awesome she is!!!
Much Love to PB and everyone

Monday, August 25, 2008

Here's Something Fun To Do

I discovered this recipe some time ago, and am delighted with it. It's called Poor Man's Apple Pie.
Poor Man's Apple Pie
6 cups zucchini
3/4 cup water
1 1/4 cups sugar
pinch of salt
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 Tbsp flour
1 1/2 tsp cream of tartar
Your favorite pie crust...

Peel and seed the zucchini. Cut lengthwise in quarters. Cut into apple sized slices. Pour into a saucepan, cover with water. Boil only until tender. Drain and cool. Gently mix the dry ingredients with cooked zucchini. Place in favorite pie crust. Bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.

It's incredible. It tastes and looks just like apple pie. Just don't tell your kids (if you have any) what's in it. They'll never know. I successfully pulled it off in a house of nine. The only two people who knew were me and the man who bought the zucchini. It was great. And it tastes good. Be warned; peeled zucchini is slimy and sticky and nasty feeling.

Much love.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cinderella Again

As you know, the Great Gatsby ball was last night. I was, as I said (or didn't- I don't remember) a faerie princess. I later gained a tiara, but no pictures were taken of that. So, here I am. The green around my eyes didn't show up well in the photos, but let me tell you, it was vivid. The costume was, as per the norm, a big hit. Everyone always likes the wings, which for some reason wouldn't stay straight last night. There was only one other non-twenties costume there- a midevil ball gown that was breathtaking, I will admit. My camera didn't make the journey with me. I went for two hours, from ten until midnight. For about the first hour and a half they steadily played twenties music, which was great, because I love it and because it really makes you move. Let me tell you something. The faeries in the twenties had a hard life. Wings get in the way. I don't know why they're reputed to love dancing so much. It was a blast. But then they started blaring crappy modern music, and it was entirely too loud, and I was melting anyway because it was too too too hot. So I went to the cafe, got some yummy juice. Then I called a friend, told him it was almost midnight and that it was his last chance to see Cinderella before she turned back into a country bumpkin. I stopped by his dorm, and then de-faeried. Watched the majority of Rain Man, and then crashed at two. Isn't the costume great? Most people, when you tell them faerie princess, snort with derision. But presented with a KSM dressed up like this they change their minds. Can't imagine why...
Congrats to all my pals who are finally at school... Welcome to the world of... Fun...

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Apologies

I'm in the middle of a project... Me. Images will be up tomorrow morningish. I'm preparing for a masked, costume ball. While I don't believe I'll actually wear my mask, you faithful readers have already seen it. Sorry I won't be more talkative this evening, I've got curlers in my hair and nail polish drying on my nails....
Love and Kisses

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And the Thanks Go To...

To my wonderful daddy and my dedicated sister, Plumblossom. He and she got together and gathered all of the pieces of my costume that I desired for tomorrow's Great Gatsby ball, and they arrived today, with enough time, that I may go make modifications so that it is not identical to last years costumes. Before I go, I wish to thank them.
Today has been spent, like all days, in a hurried frenzy, trying to get things done. Yesterday, I did manage to finish two books, both pretty good, and both quick reads. In addition to Antigone, by Sophocles, which is- in my opinion- wonderful, I also read War for the Oaks by Emma Bull, which is a new fairy tale, and not a bad one, although not necessarily appropriate for small human beings. Then there was also The Red Queen's Daughter, by Jaqueline Kolosov. It was an outstanding historical fiction about the virgin queen Elizabeth, and the lesser known Katherine Parr's daughter, and it incorporated a story that Shakespeare is better known for, though his was also a historical fiction based upon the actual events. That story is that which we call King Lear. And, all together, for such a cheap purchase, I was rather drawn to it, I must admit, and I may even reread it sometime, though perhaps not this week.
The weekend draws nearer!!!! We must celebrate, and smile! Always smile! I love smiling! (Although, admittedly, there have been times in my life where I smiled so much my face actually hurt. So be careful. You didn't know this blog should come with a medical warning, did you? Huh huh?)
Love KSM

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Best Friends Are A Nuisance

No, I don't really believe that. It's simply that today I received a second care package, just as wonderful as the first, which was from KJHM, and which was wonderful and she knows it. This one came from my bff VRP, and I have to say thank you about a billion times. And when I finish that, then I'll kill her. She sent this complete set of stationary, pens, address book, several notebooks, and a gift bag, as well as heaps of sweet stripes mints, flavored tootsie rolls, and ice cream flavored skittles. (No, VRP, I did not forget the DOTS, but the rest of the world wouldn't find that funny at all. The set is something I once saw at a store and pined after but was too cheap to buy. I guess friends pay close attention. Isn't it beautiful?
As a side note, don't mind the wrinkly blankets. I did make my bed this morning. It's just that I've been throwing things on it on my many trips in and out...
And, I'm free since about 12:30 today! And with only a final essay and a short piece to read. Woo hoo! Maybe I'll get to do something crafty. That'd be great.
Once again my thanks go out to you, the bestest of best friends and the coolest sister that's not.

And I really am smiling right now.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Not Speechless Today

And I certainly wasn't, not until after classes...
So here's what happened. I went to practice piano after our panel lecture today, and, as was to be predicted, the building was locked up. As was the chapel, which I finally worked up the nerve to go in. Well, that was it. I'd have to search out the practice rooms. I asked at the campus center info desk, and they told me to go to Avery, which is the film building, so it made no sense. I went to Avery (Blum) and went into the first practice room. Badabing badaboom, two pianos there. I sat down at the one in the corner. A Falcone, fairly new and too tight to play quite beautifully. But still, it was a piano. So I practiced. And then... And then, I went to leave, and walked past the second piano. And darn it all, wouldn't you know it. It was a STEINWAY!!! Well, of course, I was practically having a stroke at the sight of it, and had to sit down at it and play everything all over again. Let me just say, I don't think I'll ever play another piano ever again. It was so gorgeous, and sounded great and amazing, and played like silk and I love it and I want it, and I'll practice there every day I'm here, even if it means walking to Avery. A STEINWAY!!!! Can you believe it? I'm practically euphoric. KSM + Steinway, sittin in a tree....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aah!!!! I've Run Out of Things to Say

How does that happen? How on earth do I run out of things to say? There's so much to say...
Does anyone know the song "Love Is Like a Butterfly" by Dolly Parton? I currently can't stop listening to it. For about three days, it seems like that's all I want to listen to. That, and "The Littlest Birds" by the Be Good Tanyas, and and and "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, and even "Serre-moi" by Tryo. They're all possibly some of the cutest songs on the planet. Don't you think I'll ever get tired of them? But I don't. I just keep listening to them...
Have a wonderful day everyone, and a great life! I wish you all well! And I wish you all heaps of smiles and deep wells of laughs.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

So, this is the gorgeous Italian garden on campus that I discovered last night when I went searching for the waterfall. I didn't find the waterfall, but I found this at sunset, and I was stunned. Naturally, I didn't have my camera with me, so I went early this morning. It's hiding behind the Levy institute of Economics. Silly place for such a gorgeous garden. I did all my homework reading in a tiny little white-washed bench built into the wall.

And that's just what they do. They walked right out of that store with me for six dollars and seventy-five cents. They're uber comfy, and cutsey, and I love the way the heel is shaped.

This is what I did last night in the big arts and crafts room, which was, in fact, big, and had lots of arts and crafts stuff. Not quite enough, I found, and ended up supplementing the project with some items from my collection. There was lots of good junk food and music available as well. I'll definitely be there every time. I made it with the intent of wearing it to our ball next Friday, but it's not stiff enough to do so. So now it's a wardrobe decoration, and very popular.

This is another thing I discovered last night. It's a view right next to that Italian garden. It also looks much more impressive at sunset, but again, didn't have my camera with me last night, and since I've spent all day out walking, I don't really have the will to do that walk again. But, here it is! One of the many mountains....

I had a wonderful day today. There was reading and beautiful places, and breakfast and shopping, Chinese food in town for lunch, a piano in a neat, darling little hall... An hour of free time with an extraordinary baby grand Yamaha is about as close to Heaven as I can get. I actually want to go back, now that I've brought it up. My first care package arrived today, from KJHM, and I wish to thank her again for her wonderfulness, and for the super adorable stuffed frog that was included. He makes me laugh. I don't know what to name him yet, but I'm getting there. And there may be swinging in a bit, and a stroll through the zen garden, but we'll see. I'm going to go get that piano again. Sorry to abandon you.
Smile, the day's almost over.

Friday, August 15, 2008

And He Fell- Please Read Prev. Post First!

"Once upon a time, which is all times and no times but not the very best of times..." -Jane Yolen
Once upon a time, there was a boy. There was a boy, and his father. And the boy and his father were in a room. It was a very small room. In fact, the room that the boy and his father were in was so small that it would be considered more of a cell. And the boy and the father were alone in the room. There was nothing else in the room. Nothing else in the room that was too small to be a room, and was a cell. But the room could not be called a cell either. To call it a cell would mean that there would be some way to get out. It was a room with one window, and the one window in the small room where the boy and his father were looked out at nothing but water, and the sky, and all that the sky held was the sun. And so the room that was too small to be a room and too distanced to be a cell was called a cage. And from the room that wasn't a room and the cell that wasn't a cell, from the cage, as it were, there was no escape. There was nothing in the un-room, un-cell, cage but the boy and his father, the yellow rays of sunlight, a small bowl of stagnant water, crumbs of some long-lost piece of bread, and a candle that had long since burned out and that the boy and his father in the small room that wasn't a room or a cell had no means to relight. And so, when the sun went down on the isolating water surrounding the tower in which, high up, the boy and his father were imprisoned in a cage. And we call it a cage because there was not enough space for it be a room, and there was no furniture to speak of, and a cell would have bars and clinking keys and a foul-breathed gaurd to keep them company. Nor was it a dungeon. It couldn't be- there was too much light. Better a dungeon, the boy and his father in the room-cell-cage thought. Better a dungeon than to be teased by the beautiful golden rays of the sun, to see them, but never to feel their caress. Better a dungeon, they thought. And so the boy and his father knew they had to escape, from the tower high above the water, the tower where their cell-room-cage was, the tower where they were confined only because there was no way to escape. There was something the boy and his father knew. Something important, if only they weren't locked in that room in the tower, or the cell, or the cage- or the too-light dungeon. Maybe then, maybe if the boy and his father were free...Maybe if they weren't in the room that wasn't a room, or the cell that wasn't a cell, maybe then they'd know. But the boy and his father, they were above all, and above all, they were inventors of the strangest kind, despite the cage-room-cell or the non-dungeon, despite the nothingness and the too-far-away sun. And so the boy and his father, the father and his boy, they tempted passing birds with the forsaken crumbs that were their only food- the only food the boy and his father had to their names, which they didn't have because they were in the water, the tower, the un-room, the non-cell, the cage. And the birds came. Birds are loyal, you know. Birds...Well, they like anyone who feeds them, and that nice boy and his father were offering them nice hard crumbs from some month old bread. The bird thought it was strange, the boy and his father, and the space that was neithr a room or a cell or a cage or a dungeon. It was a space. But why were the boy and his father, the father and his boy, feeding the birds from that old tower near the water with just that one small room that wasn't a room? It didn't matter to the bird, the bird was simply curious. Food was food, the bird thought. From the hand of a boy and his father in an impossible space in some crumbling pillar overlooking the ocean or from a nice girl under a tree with a strange object in her hand, it was still food, and it still went to the stomach when you ate it. So the birds ate the crumbs from the boy and his father, and the birds did not notice when the boy and his father sneakily pulled a few feathers loose and slid them out of sight. It would not matter anyways. The bird had plenty more anyways. And so, when the birds had all gone from the room-cell-cage-dungeon space, the boy and his father, the father and his boy, they used the no-good candle that they had no means to relight, and the stealthily-filched plumes, and they did what a boy and a father who know they are inventors do; they invented. They invented wings. They invented two pairs of wings. From wax and from feathers, they invented two pairs of wings. In the room that wasn't a room in the tower overlooking the endless sea, the boy and his inventor, the inventor and his father, they invented wings. And they talked. They talked quite a lot. They said, "Do not fly too close to the sun, for it may melt the wax, and thou shalt die." And they said, "Do not fly too close to the water, or the water will weight your wings, and thou shalt die." And they said, "Do not stray." And they said, "I will meet you on the other side." And they said, "I shall see you again when we are free." And the boy and his father were parted, the father and his boy were separated, and the inventor and the inventor took to the skies, to escape from the nothing room that was an empty space of lost things, from the tower that would make a poor dungeon, and from the birds who only like the boy and his father, the father and his boy, because the boy and his father gave them nice crumbs from good Greek bread. And the father flew, and he escaped, and he found his name again, inscribed in his memory as he left the tower that wasn't a dungeon that had a cell-cage-room that he had so recently vacated. And Daedalus was his name, and his name was Daedalus. And the inventor fell. The boy fell. The boy and not his father, the father and not his boy. The boy who was not in a tower that could not be a dungeon, who was not in the room that was not a room. The boy who had the kiss of the sun upon his face. Icarus fell.

The Project I Finished Today

So yesterday, during that great lecture, I had a bit of free time. Well, time when my hands were free. As many of you already know, I have a special skill and love of drawing Celtic knots. This one takes up an entire page of L and T notebook. I had started a smaller one, but it was not nearly so thrilling or elaborate. For any of those of you that are wondering, it is, in fact, continuous, and only one knot. I love it. I should say, we learned how to do these in sixth grade art, and made picture frames of them. I've been experimenting with them ever since, on the margins of math notes and during history classes. They're great fun, and look fantastic when colored. I'll color this one when I get a couple free hours. It took forever to get all the dots in place and not make any mistakes. I made one, but I fixed it, and you can't see it in the pictures anyways.
I still have not found a piano to play at, but that's one of my missions. The other is to get WR to go exploring campus with me, to see the waterfall and go to Blithewood, and down on the Hudson and stuffs. Then I have an essay to write and a book to read. Tonight, there's an open craft room from nine until one. You bet I'll be there, right after I leave the trivia contest that starts at eight. There was a movie I was going to see at seven, but that interferes with my other plans. I can see it some other time.
Todays lecture was odd. It was about Ecopoetics. I understand ecopoetics. I've read some good stuff. Only, the lecture was about the nine different structures of ecopoetics... And not only was it extremely boring, but it was extremely boring. And some of the poems the poet read to us just made no sense what soever/ It was like listening to Greek, except not nearly as pretty.
On a lighter, more bubbly note, the teacher told me she thinks I should talk more in class (always a plus) and that my view, being so different from the others (she gleaned this from my writings...) needs to be expressed, and that she thinks I think very deeply about everything and that impresses her, and that I am very genuinely a writer. Yay KSM!!!! Not that you could tell I was a great writer from this blog, or anything. If any of you know the story of Icarus and Daedalus, I'm going to put up a separate post with my short retelling of it that went over quite well. It's a fascinating Greek myth, and I intend, as soon as I finish the two books I'm working on now, to retell the story in detail with great KSM twists and turns.
So, enjoy. Feel free to offer criticism and advice, or any wonderful ideas for the upcoming novel...
Most importantly, laugh a little.
Love KSM

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks to Mrs. J

I now have to say thank you to one of my favoritist teachers ever, who was also one of my coaches for HSB, and who taught me all about human anatomy and physiology. I owe her quite a lot, and so, Mrs. J, if you read this, thank you, and I would hug you if I could. Long distance hug.
What happened was this; I went to a lecture on what it means (genetically) to be human. (The theme of L and T is what it means to be human). So, it was really cool. His theme was methods of differentiating between animals and humans in genetics. He focused on the gene FOXP2, which is a brain- area gene that causes Specific Language Impairment. (Morphological deficits- tense issues and grammatical problems). He made us find the nucleotide base sequences and amino acid sequences of the gene codon for Homo sapiens, Pan troglodytes, and Macaca mulatta. Then we used nifty scientific programs to align and compare, and then we could calculate differences and see which species was closer related to the Macaca mulatta. And then we did all sorts of cool mathematic things with weird abreviations to work out different percentages and probability of the FOXP2 gene mutating....Stuffs I don't remember, and voila! I put my anatomy to a little use with the nucleotide base sequences and the amino acid sequences, looking to see the polypeptide chains that composed each of the amino acids. It was fascinating.
But then I went to dinner and sat with a Chinese girl I didn't know, and apparently she was at the lecture. She said she thought it was boring. As it turns out, that was just because she didn't understand it. So grilled me about it- about everything, down to word specific questions!!! And I knew the answers, thanks to my anatomy teacher. Celebrate! I had so so so so so much fun talking about it. Bows and kisses.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Check Out This Picture!!!

This is part of the view of the sunset from my window. It's so so so so so gorgeous....


Today...Okay, let me give you the short little background note. You see, since I am so aware of my environment, and since I believe that global warming and global dimming and all that jazz is actually happening (and yes, I do know what I'm talking about, even by "all that jazz") I understand some things about saving the environment, or trying to reverse current trends. One of the more interesting ideas is that eating lower on the food chain more often (ie fruits and veggies and grains- natural plantish type things), it will not only reduce waste, but also reduce the production of greenhouse gases and all sorts of other good things (again, I am only summing it up as other things for spatial and time purposes. I do know many of those other things. That's a conversation we can have separately, if you wish.) The great thing is that, by eating lower on the food chain, humans have a healthier diet, get more of the essential vitamins and minerals, and have more energy. You see, as you progress up the food chain, you lose the vast majority of energy stored in food sources. In fact, only about ten percent is preserved in each successive step up the ladder. So imagine the energy difference between something like a piece of celery and a cow. If, by some odd means, a cow were to eat the piece of celery, then it gets the 100 percent energy dose from it. But then we eat the cow, and we're only getting ten percent. Doesn't it make more sense to just eat the celery?
I am, by no means, a vegetarian. Just putting down a bit of thought/knowledge.
Today, I decided to try out that whole vegetarian thing. I drank rice milk with two meals, or that's what the school calls it. It is horchata, the Mexican/Spanish drink that many of my family members should be familiar with. That's good stuff. But that's not strictly vegetarian, I suppose. Breakfast was plums, and plain grits, and horchata, and a half of a slice of french toast with maple syrup. And then, lunch was snow peas, salad, vegan nuggets (not sure if they were made of vegans or for vegans, but that answer might ruin my day...) and a vegetable chowder, with more horchata, and tofu on my salad. (It was the first time I tried it. I wasn't exactly sure what to do with it, so I crumbled it on my salad. No taste.) And then for dinner I had a small side salad, and a garden burger (very nicely done), chickpeas and brown rice, a banana, and cranberry juice. All in all, not so bad. I never got hungry during the day, which is a change, but maybe it's just today. I'll try again tomorrow, if the options are as good. It was, all in all, a very nice experience. If I can find a nice balance between vegetarian and non meals, then I'll be all set. Maybe soy milk tomorrow.... Guess I'll see. Try it. It's honostly not hard. And if you don't like it, no big.
I brought this big, gorgeous peach back with me from the dining hall for a snack later. I'm full, but let me tell you what; this sucker smells absolutely divine. I'm practically salivating.
I think this weekend I'm going to try and get some pictures of just a few of the gorgeous sites to share with all of you. Let me know what you think of this idea. It's absolutely breathtaking here, even when it's raining.
Love to all.
PS- The wings were a smashing hit. As was the singing bowl....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Creative Project....

So, since we begin the our discussion on Icarus (Wings- Icarus/Daedalus- Greek Mythology) tomorrow morning, we were assigned four poems about the story, including the famous "Musee de Beaux Arts" by W.H. Auden that we studied intensively in AP English. And, we were given an assignment to make a pair of wings out of anything we want. We all just have to have a pair of wings. I figured I might as well do it the right way. And the right way means it's precious, and wonderful decoration, so I'm going to leave it hanging on my wall after we're through with it in class. Do you like it? The skeleton key is something my mother had that she gave me, and all the other things are Kelley oddments. It took nearly an entire bag of feathers. Impressive, right? I like it. Love you all. It was a crazy day. There was this insect lecture, which I could have lived without. It was about earwigs and dung beetles, and burying beetles, and termites and cockroaches. And they were all very very gross and disgusting, and I'd really prefer not to relive the things the guy said and all those pictures...Ooh, makes me shiver. I may love my science, but that's just ridiculous. Have tons of homework, but I needed to share these wings with you.
Smile. I am.

Monday, August 11, 2008

And Now We Know Why She's So Wrong...

So, last night as they were busy keeping us up very late on the night before our first day of classes, we endured a series of "welcomes" from various staff members. One of them- not entirely sure who (I quit listening at about eleven)- said something that clicked in my brain. The phrase was something like, "They know now- the neurologists. Through extensive studies they have discovered that, when you write, different parts of your brain are in use than just when you think." Well, duh. This is a highly logical statement. What clicked was what was, well, not wrong with me, but what I consider to be write with me. I know, I said write. I meant it. What I realized is that, while most people use very different parts of their brain when they write, I don't. Or, I do, it's just that I must use those same parts when I think. You see, since about midway through my senior year, I realized that I really do- when analysing a book or when thinking through a situation, I think like an author. Even my English teacher noticed this. In fact, when giving away awards at the end of the year, she gave each of the 12 of us in that AP English class an award unique to our personality in that class. Mine was the Creative Soul Award, for a girl who reads and writes like and author, and who truly cares about characters, as if she knew them and they were good friends. Everyone who knows me has seen this, everyone knows when I read a book, I really live the book. In class we would have Socratic seminars, and I was always the one sitting there going, "But wait a minute guys. Just wait. Yes, I know ____ happens, and I know you think that means _____. The thing is, that is very clearly not why the author wrote this. I mean, look at the word choice. Look at the way he/she approached this. Why else would she present it in such and such a way? Etc..." They loathed me, and I was ignored frequently. Oh well, what can you do. So, I now know exactly why I'm so out there... Okay, one of the reasons.
On to something else. One of my dormies (I might even put her name here except I'm not sure how to spell it, and my computer doesn't type in Chinese characters...) walked with me to one of our classes today. (We didn't have it together, but it was the same general direction). She told me that she liked me a lot, because I was so cheerful and bubbly. Another one of my Chinese friends spent about an hour in my room asking advice about English, and books to read to improve her vocabulary, and writing and such. She really likes me to, she told me I was very nice. And of course, my roomy- a darling- is also Chinese. I'm making them all dearer, of course, by wanting to call them by their Chinese names. None of this Alice, Sabrina, Angela stuff. I know that's not your name!!! It takes me a few tries to say them right the first day, but after that, I'm good. They're very impressed, and pleased. They like their real names better. So do I. There's so much meaning in their names!!! It's amazing. They don't name their kids because they just think, "Oh, my, that's a lovely name that has nothing to with anything and no meaning to me to speak of." They name them with words, so that the names are so unique.
And, changing subjects again, I must go. Lots o' homework, and a meeting still to get to tonight that is supposed to take over two hours. Bleh. No good. I have not had time to stop and breath today, so no, the mattress pad has not been put on yet. Since they didn't buy me one until well after I had made my bed here, and these busybodies have kept us on our toes...
Have a wonderful evening.
Love KSM
And by the way, if you have misplaced your storm, I know where to find it. Call Annandale and see if they'll return it. It has not really stopped raining and storming for very long. And then when it's not, it's like being in a swamp, it's so muggy. So beautiful.
Hugs and Kisses
KSM Again

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Gift From SL

When I initially e-mailed SL, telling her all about myself, I told her the I collected rocks and minerals. Remembering that, she brought me a small gift. These are a box set of beautiful Fu Xin agate carvings. They are truly wonderful. Aren't they just stunning? I'm so excited. I've got the luck dragon deally on my desk, with my books. I don't think you can see him in any pictures of the room. He's quite something. You can't see it here, but he's sitting on a leaf that's nicely detailed on the bottom. I'd hang him up, except that I'm afraid he'll fall off of his cord and shatter, and that would be distressing.
I'm doing well here.
Much love and care to all.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Here She Is!!!!

Well, I'm officially moved in. My dorm building doesn't have wireless connection. Well, that's not true. My room just doesn't. So, I won't be on constantly anymore, since I'm stuck at my desk. Pooh.
Here are some quick picks of the room housing my stuff. The wardrobe is gigundonormous. Maybe sometime I'll take pictures showing you just how big. I'm loving it, let me tell you, and my roommate, SL, is a sweetheart. More on that tomorrow. I am going to love it here. I already do. All decorated, and I don't know what to say. The food was good too. School starts on Monday, and I can't wait!!!! Enjoy the pictures, and ask me questions. I can't think of what to say. So ask, ask away!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

And Away We Go!

In just a few short hours we will be driving off into...Well, not into the sunset. But you get the point. Almost every aspect of my life is currently packed in boxes and bags, all except the contents of my bookshelf, which unfortunately will not fit anywhere in my tiny freshman dormitory bedroom. And so, to let you know, tomorrow I may not be on and around, but I won't stay gone for long. If I do make it on, it will be late.
Today is nice and laid back, which is a pleasant change. I can watch television, talk on the phone, pluck my eyebrows...Whatever floats my fancy. I had delicious toasted French bread for breakfast. There's nothing better, I tell you.
So wish me luck! I'm very excited to finally be going off and away!
Love KSM
Lots of hugs to everybody!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Found It!!!

Found the bracelet, for anybody who cared to know.

Hmm...I Wonder...

I always wake up when MEM, my sister/current roommate, gets up to get to work. Usually, I say something to her, but she never seems to acknowledge me. I bet she thinks I'm delirious. Yesterday I said something silly, but today, it was a very serious matter I wished to address with her. She was on the phone with her friend AJT, (at six in the morning, for crying out loud!) discussing a concert that takes place tomorrow night. I suddenly realized that I had fallen asleep with a wicked evil clawed hair clip in my hair. And not just one of those small things to get your bangs out of the way. We're talking about something three inches long and probably two and a half inches across, and about two inches deep. And I was laying on my back. You think that you'd notice that kind of thing, but I guess not. I pulled it out of my hair and declared, "Holy mackeral!!! Check it out! I fell asleep with my hair clip in. M, are you listening? It's not small, either!" Nothing. Hmm. I guess she thinks I'm sleep talking. I do that sometimes. I had a crazy wonderful dream last night, but I can't remember all of it. And then, to top it all off, I lost a bracelet I had forgot to take off. Pooie, because it was new, and very pretty. I have to clean my room before I leave tomorrow afternoon anyway. Maybe it'll be there somewhere. Cross your fingers!!!!
Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Well, now I am officially a licensed driver....As well as being about two-ish days from heading off to school for my first year of Bard College. My room is a disaster area right now- it makes me laugh, because usually I'm so neat and organized. However, there's not much I can do about it, as everything is buried in boxes and bags. You can't stand still in there without an avalanche of dorm stuff (picture me slowly being pulled under by a heap of clothes, towels, blankets, shoes, and dry-erase boards; it'll make you chuckle, if not outright laugh and giggle hysterically), let alone walk. It's a good thing all I need to get to right now is the bed. It doesn't help that sister is packing up for China. And she's got two-ish weeks left.
Monday I promised Gaurdian Angel KDHS that I would post a delightful (scrumptious and fabulous) recipe for berry cobbler. I made an enormous batch, and sadly, only got one piece before it was devoured. It's not a traditional cobbler topping- it's a butter cookie topping, and turns out sort of moist-cake like. (It's from the Best Recipe Cookbook- which is also wonderful)

Berry Cobbler (any berries will do!!!)
3 pints fresh (or 36 oz frozen) any berries you like
1 Tbsp cornstarch
2/3 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

mix these, pour in pan, cover with aluminum foil, set on rimmed cookie sheet (unless it's a deep pan) and put in an oven heated to 400 degrees. Make sure the berries are spread evenly. Then bake until fruit begins to release liquid, approximately 15 to 20 minutes. While that is going on...

1/2 cup flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
pinch salt
8 Tbsp warm butter (I think I used maragine, and I almost always melt it to make things easier)
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg yolk (if you double the recipe, put the whole egg in)
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Mix dry ingredients. Beat in egg yolk, butter and vanilla until mixed (smoothish). When fruit is done, uncover pan, drop cookie dough by spoonfuls over the fruit (evenly if you wish. it's your dessert, after all.) Return pan to oven. Bake until topping is nicely browned and fruit is very bubbly.
Though it will smell excrutiatingly delicious, give it ten minutes before you eat it. It's wonderful warm, and nice cold, and perfect with vanilla ice cream.
I will say that when I am in my kitchen, I tend not to measure things and just guesstimate. If you're using a shallow pan, please do put the cookie sheet beneath. The berries can and will boil over, and we had a mishap last year where the whole house filled with smoke, and then smelled like burnt sugar for a very long time, and any time you started the oven it would do it all again. It's not very pleasant. That wasn't my fault, and it wasn't at home, but still, it happened. Thanks TGHB.
Have a wonderful rest of the day!!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

And Breathe. Smile.

If anyone is reading this on a strictly need-to-know-about-the-book-basis, tough. I will say a few quick things about it, and go back to it later. One word: infuriating. A few more words: wonderful and beautiful. The entire saga was a delightful waste of time, unfortunately. They were good, and I love them, I do. But I thought, for once, that I had finally found an author with a backbone.... I'll talk about that later.
Yesterday could not have been a more perfect day, I think. I got to lounge in the morning, posting on my blog and packing up for school a bit. And, I got to check my school e-mail. I had another e-mail from my new roommate, and I think we're going to be good friends. We've already found something to do together; she's going to teach me Chinese, and I'm going to teach her French. How fun!!! And then I read web comics for a while I painted my nails.
And then, around noon thirty, I met up with my gaurdian angel for a perfect picnic in a pretty park. (How's that for alliteration on only a few hours sleep?) It was a gorgeous day, and the company was wonderful. We talked for probably four hours before I finally came home. And then, there was the book.
It was here when I got home, on my bed with a pile of other mail. (Like a book of Kafka for college. Yuck.) So, I sprawled out to read it, and then, only naturally, there was the obnoxious string of interruptions at all the wrong moment. For dinner, for my sister to read me a passage from a novel I've already read, and then my brother getting locked outside the house at one in the morning. And then he had the nerve to come into my room and talk to me for an hour, because he's going to "miss me" when I leave on Friday.
So, I read my 750 page book, finished it at about 4:15 this morning, and then slept about four and a half hours and got up, and now my older sister is reading it, even though we're supposed to go shopping. Well, I guess I understand. She says she'll just read a few chapters, but I think she could have done that in the time that it's taken me to type this post, considering how distracted I am.
They are wonderful books, lots of fun. But this last one was an abomination, a complete emotional tower of terror on every single page. Every last one. Except the last chapter, which was boring. Always, always. I'm sad to see it end, but I suppose it needed to. However, she even put the words "the end" on the last page, like it was decided that their future would be perfect for all eternity. And it may well be, but she doesn't have to be so ___ blunt. It's not very nice. I'd stick my tongue out if I thought it would help. There were lots of twists and turns, true to Meyer's norm.
What I said earlier... Well, I'm always hoping that there'll be an author with a spine. Only in as much as that person would do something to enrage all of their readers, not just some. And I thought I found one who finally would. Pooh. I was very very wrong. It makes me said and means that I need to begin the search again. I will not stop until I do. The reason I'm looking is that, because I do write so much, and because I am so bonded to my characters, I understand exactly how it feels to just follow the acceptable, basic path. It's easy, it's what you want for your characters, who are little pieces of you. But then you want to do something completely unexpected. So far, not a single one has done that. Maybe I ought to, huh? I try.
And now it's today, and I'm getting ready to pack up and head off to college. And I can't wait. Can't wait.
So, keep waiting for something good. I'll be around.

Monday, August 04, 2008

I Sowwy

So, I didn't get my book Saturday, which means I should be getting it sometime today. I would have got on the internet and told you all about it, except that we had some nasty storms around here and my parental unit unplugged the network, so I couldn't. He didn't plug it in again until late last night, and I had packing to do. We finished the college shopping yesterday (all except for the shower caddy), so I had rearranging to do in boxes and bags. So, here I am.
I have to say, Saturday was one humdinger of a bad day. My book didn't come even though I waited for it all day. (PS- If you are currently affectionately attached to your UPS man- watch out.) So, while I waited, I decided to bake some berry cobbler (completely from scratch- meaning I grew and picked the berries). I happened to be wearing a white shirt. Big mistake. And then I moped around for a while (moping is good for me- I do lots and lots of walking), and then my dad saw me (he was mowing our upper field for a bonfire that night) and decided to put me to good use. He made me mow the field, and he went down to mow the lawn. Let me just say this- it was not on a small, decent sized mower. No, it's his rustbucket ancient Allis Chalmers tractor with the little pull mower deal on the back. You would all be very proud; despite not being able to reach any pedals (clutch included), I didn't even hit a single tree or volleyball net, or even the bonfire pile!!!! That was the only smile that day. It rained lots. We still had the bonfire, but it was wet and rainy the majority of the time. There was also thunder and lightning. Oh well. I did get to see best friend VRP.
I'm smiling about it today, especially if my book shows.
I can't believe I got stood up by a book. It's so not fair. it does, however, go to show that even fictional characters are not, and will not ever be, perfect people. Celebrate!!!
Wish me even more luck this time.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Fair Warning!!!

Most of you will not read this until tomorrow anyways. Okay, so any of my readers know. If I get on tomorrow to post before all of you go to bed, I will not be myself. I will be either (a) frustrated and delirious with anticipation and withdrawal, or (b) high on book. I will be extremely weird (more so than usual) and very probably look and sound something like a raving lunatic. I'm already neurotic with the waiting, and if you can't picture that, I give you this image; a deprived junkie, nervous twitches, itches, and rocking all included. Just try and hang on a day and ignore anything that comes out of my mouth. Promise, it'll get all better.

PS- Pray to whatever god you believe in that my book gets here tomorrow like it's supposed to. If it doesn't, I'll have to wait until, at the earliest, Monday, and I may have a super meltdown.




So, I noticed that it seems like most of the movies you can see here in America today fall under any of the following categories;
1. Really cheap, generic horror films
2. Poorly done interpretations of books
3. The same old chick flick romance stories
4. Brain rottingly moronic guy flicks
and 5. Kids movies that people stare at you if you go see (ie WallE, which was fabulous. Seen it twice.)

For all, please note that I am not saying I think all American films are bad. I am generalizing!!!
Given the options, I'll stay at home and watch my movies. I find that there are a lot of wonderful foreign films that I can watch again and again. Today I would like to offer up a few great movies, all French, that I own or wish to own, because they're so great. (Note: the French film makers have a much greater sense of what is actually funny than those silly American film makers). Try some of them. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Le Diner de Cons (hilarious)
Les Choristes (beautiful)
Au Revoir Les Enfants (also beautiful)
Amelie (sweet and endearing on so many different levels)
Moliere (pretty accurate. You'll get a good sense of his writing, too)
The Triplets of Belleville (A fabulous, hilarious French art film. Very little talking)

I also have watched a recording of Moliere's Tartuffe, which is wonderful, and you can find it in English too. It's witty and satirical.
These are some of my all time favorites. They're great.