Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

I shall say happy holidays to everyone! Christmas here is... Well, like any Christmas in a family comprised of children from two separate upbringings. Interesting, and mild. I hope everyone had a wonderful day! This picture was taken at approximately six am, so I wasn't going for finesse at that point. This is the first time in forever that I wasn't the first one up. Usually I can't sleep on Christmas Eve, but no problem last night. Traditionally, I wake up at four and rouse my siblings. Then we go open stockings and lounge for a bit. And then there's the waiting. Or, more accurately, the attempts to subtly wake the parents. This time, I slept until somebody made me get up at six. Then we called my Aunt T on my daddy's side, since we know she's up (usually she calls us at around six thirty, which it was by then) and then had her call dad's cell phone, which he always leaves on... Worked like a charm. She snitched, of course, but she's a kid at heart.
And, if everyone wanted to know, "Bedtime Stories" was really adorable.
Lots of smiles and hugs and kisses for everyone.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Forgot to Take Pictures

I had made some beautiful hand spun yarn for KDHS, but I forgot to take pictures so you could see. Silly me. It was, as BF put it, "a dream." And speaking of BF, this was my Christmas gift from her. It is a journal made from recycled paper (With flowers added) and recycled fabric, and it is beautiful. She bought it when she was in India, in Pushkar. I named this one Sophia- Sophia is my Bard journal.
I'm at home now, and preparing for the holidays. I'm way behind on my Christmas baking, which is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I love spending the endless hours in the kitchen baking, because it's warm, and because of the smell, and the mess it makes. I can't wait to start- I think that's tomorrow.
Yesterday was the HSB reunion at KDHS's house, and it lasted from 4 in the afternoon until sometime past 11. It was so wonderful, to see everyone, and to chat and laugh, and the food was excellent as well.
With Love and Kisses

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Midnight Breakfast

Last night was midnight breakfast, since it's finals week. Here, it's actually called "completion week". Leave it to Bard... After nothing but studying Chinese for two days, I decided I deserved a break, in the form of the midnight breakfast and karaoke. I only stayed about forty-five minutes, and that was enough. There were scrambled eggs, sausage patties, french toast, and hash browns. Karaoke, as mentioned above. And goody bags that were about the equivalent of an elementary school brown-bag lunch: a juice box, cookies, an apple, and a granola bar. Throw in a PB+ J, and we're all set! Lots of people, of course.
My calc II exam was this morning, and that went fairly well.
Gotta go study, sorry!
Love and kisses

Saturday, December 13, 2008

No Title Necessary

I made snowflakes last night!!!! Today I finished spinning the Icelandic, and tonight I'm going to set it so I can knit with it. I'm still knitting furiously away. During our power out, I taught SL how to knit. Here she is. Most beginners are prone to mistakes, but I've only seen her make one so far, and she was determined to fix it, so I showed her how. Her scarf is well under way now, perfectly even and no holes in sight. Very talented. I love making snowflakes. There was a spot out in front of our dining hall that became a big pond during our icy rain, and now it's just frozen, mostly. A friend and I went out after dinner and walked all over the ice, jumped up and down, threw pieces of ice so they'd shatter- and in general had a lot of fun. Breaking ice, snowflakes, wrapping presents (which I also did today) mm!!! Some of my favorite Christmasy things to do!
I love it!
Smiling away...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hmm... Okay, Try This One On

We lost power from eight thirty last night until one thirty this afternoon. Read: total darkness, no heat, cold showers... And a hell of a lot of fun. VRP asked me with whom I enjoyed being in the dark, but that wasn't at all what I meant. Sining and I were on our computers. Phones were near dead. But I got time to teach her how to knit. And we sat in the dark with my huge flashlight and our two smaller ones, curled on her bed, knitting and having fun. Yay!!!!! Now power and internet is back (classes were cancelled until noon and dining hall had limited service, though the kitchen does have gas stove/oven and generator for light, no library, etc.) but AT&T service is gone again. It was a result of our freezing-rain storm. Be back around some time this weekend. Love you all!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

You Know You're Wearing Down When...

BF burst into my room last night when I was reading Candide and said, "I need your alcohol." The first thing I almost said back was, "What on earth are you talking about? You know that I don't drink and that this is a substance free dorm! Are you trying to get us kicked out?" And as I started saying it, she realized what I thought she meant and told me the rubbing alcohol for her ears. Definitely wearing thin here. What else? Well, when you get tired of the people you're around for the majority of the time, you know you need a break. Especially if their you're friends and you want to be away from them. Also, when you get really angry with how nit-picky Chinese teachers are when it comes to writing characters (because they've got nothing else to complain about), you definitely need a break. I mean it. You're not taking the class because it's easy. Deal. In the midst of it all the crocheting doesn't even want to behave and look normal. Thank goodness it's only ten more days until I scoot home. Heaven help the person that gets in my way on that day.
On a more positive note, walnuts taste good. Mmmm.
Okay, totally have to go study Chinese. Tempted to be spiteful, but I know that always comes around and bites me, so I'm just gonna let it go.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Yesterday Was a Dorm Activity...

Where everyone who wanted to learn how to knit could. Also, we're doing a secret santa- but the person whose name you draw receives, from you, a mixed cd! How fun is that? So watching them knit was fun- I made a playlist for the knitters and sat and worked on one of my essays, though I badly wanted to join in the fun and spin or crochet or do some fiber art. This is some of the icelandic wool I have spun for one of the Christmas gifts for the only man in my life. I'm doing it in segments of dark and light. The wool is so soft, but let me just say one thing. I soaked it in hot water to set it, and then twisted it so the excess water would be squeezed out. It smelled soooo bad. I've not smelled much worse in my lifetime. Yuck. And I couldn't get the smell off my hands.
Despite my disgust with Rob Pattinson as an actor, I rather think he has a nice voice. Go on and find his song "Never Think," which he recorded for the Twilight movie, which sucks if anyone cared to know, and not in a good way.
Gotta hit the homework.
smiles and kisses
PS- KDHS- Call me!!!! Or I shall be forced to call you. I miss you.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

She Returns, Having "Made A Killing"

BF told me I made a killing on Friday. Compared to many, I suppose that's true. I sold a total of 24 items at the craft fair, with earnings of about $155 in total. No item was priced above $15. I was told by several people, including a man, that my jewelry was the best there- the most original- and the most fair prices. Yay me! I will have a table again at other events here, then, which is nice for me. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of my table, it was very nicely displayed and I wish you could all see it.
Speaking of BF, she was my crafty project yesterday. We had a girl's day- went shopping had dinner, bought chocolate. She got herself a great, cheap dress at Charlotte Russe. We came back from that and I told her we were going to teach her how to do make-up. She's been nagging me for a while about that. I bought her some surprise make-up and showed her how to do it. And I curled and styled her hair. Then we did a two hour photo shoot. She looks so great. We had to rip my room apart to establish an appropriate set for the shoot, but it was worth it. At one point, we had five people taking pictures. She wants to do this every weekend with different girls being the "project". I propose we make a dorm calendar with the results... It could be so much fun. We were going to do manicures, but she needed to work on homework, so we'll do that another weekend. If you don't recognize it, google Eva Green, who played Vesper in Casino Royale. BF looks just like her. It's a bit weird. She had a lot of fun, and I was so glad I could help her!
And that's me right now. I have to go write some French papers for a certain Madame, since I asked her to assign them, and I haven't had time to do them.
I love you all!!!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

She's Back, But For How Long?

I'm super busy this week guys, so I'm not promising anything after today. I'm going to try and get a new slide show put up of all the other pictures I took over Thanksgiving break. We went to Niagara Falls yesterday before getting on the train. I think all the colleges emptied onto the trains yesterday- or all the kids going back, anyway. If I'd have thrown a pebble, I was guaranteed to hit a college kid. Look for the slide show on the side of the blog. SL and I played in the many feet of snow. You can't tell from the the pics, but the snow is really deep at my house. This stuff came up to my thigh. It was torture to get out of. We were frozen. It was a wonderful break.
I love you and miss you all.
Have to go.
Love you

Thursday, November 27, 2008

SL and The Turkey!

SL requested she be allowed to help stuff the turkey, so we let her do the whole thing, and I took pictures for everyone! Yay! It was really cute. She thought it was funny. Leave it to a biology major to think sticking your hand inside a turkey is funny. But there you go. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and may you all have lots of Chullah (even though I know you probably don't. Good stuff. SL and I are making that together. We'll take pictures when it's done provided it turns out beautifully, which it always does.) I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Much love from KSM and SL, and trust me, there are lots of smiles.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

There You Are

There's the last of them! Enjoy!
Love you all- doing homework and going to work, sorry.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Video Two Is Here

Mua ha ha ha. It was warm here today. Warm as in maybe forty. But it felt good. No winter coat required. As you know, Wednesday draws nearer, and I cannot wait! I've been spinning more in free minutes, so I can crochet a scarf and thin spin some better roving I have. Mmm... Icelandic wool. A coffee color, and the other a cafe-au-lait color. That roving has a very specific end in mind. But one project at a time. (hahahaha- just kidding. Still making jewelry too. And writing a book. It never gets finished, does it?)
Can't wait to see everyone I'm going to get to see- just keep holding on folks, you'll have your KSM soon enough. And there's supposed to be a HSB reunion. I cannot wait! HSB unite! Yay us!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'll Do One Per Day

Today I am posting the first clip of the world's largest kaleidoscope adventure. It is located in Mt. Tremper New York, about thirty of forty minutes from Bard, in the Catskill area, in a barn silo. You will notice that due to the camera's proximity to me, it mostly only picked up my brilliant and "witty" remarks. Really. I realized part way through that I must sound like an idiot to everyone else. Doesn't matter, I guess, it was fun. We laid on the floor and looked at the ceiling, where there were enormous mirror things. There was a chair in my way, and I'm sorry about that. I'll put the second one up tomorrow, and so on. You people would have also been very entertained, I am sure. It was actually all images of presidents and snapshots from American history, though you can't tell in the video for the most part, except for my random exclamations about that. Very cool, very cool. I made some more jewelry, but I was too lazy to take pictures. I took inventory... And I don't have nearly enough prepared to sell. Funny how it seems like so much, and you work so hard to get it done for so long... And it's still not that much. Grr....
In other adventures yesterday, I bought my first pair of sunglasses since about fifth grade. Oh, and also, in order to get BF to be comfortable with getting her ears peirced (she was determined to, but as soon as we got to the mall she started chickening out) I got a third hole installed in my right ear (not in the cartlidge, never fear) in the ear lobe. When I asked my mother about hers, she told me that it was so, if you had a pair of posts that you loved and you lost one, you could still wear the other without it looking strange. I decided to take that up. It's a good philosophy. We also went to the bookstore! A real bookstore! Yay! In reward for all our hard work. I limited myself to fifteen dollars and made it out only having spent sixteen, so I was alright. Yay! I had so much fun yesterday. Even if you don't buy anything at the bookstore, you always feel the better for having gone. I always feel guilty when my phone rings in a bookstore, but I don't think the same rules apply there as do at the library, so I'm not exactly certain why.
What else do I know? I know that wednesday (After classes) means I get to go home, with SL, and have fun and real food and see friends- the best of friends, and my sister-by-heart who I haven't seen in nearly four months. That's a long time to wait. A very long time.
And I suppose that's enough from me. I have to work this afternoon for someone else, so I must go. (If anyone wonders, it was well below freezing last night and I couldn't feel my legs or face the entire three hours. Brr. Makes me shiver just to think of it. Still no snow here. Celebrate!)
How is everyone else? You guys don't talk much and I'd love to hear from you.
Hugs and Kisses
A few giggles, if necessary and desired,

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some Things

I'm here!!! I am. So, more jewels. And some yarn that I spun, and what I began crocheting with it. Yay me and my fun crafts!!! Yay me!!!! Umm... So, today. Today was fantastic. Today, my friends BF and JA went on a girls day with me! And we went to the bookstore, and the mall... And then, we went to the world's largest kaleidoscope. I video-taped the whole thing on my camera, but I'll put pictures from that up tomorrow. It was so much fun. And then we had great, wonderful literature debates over dinner back at Bard. And it was sooooo much fun. I have to go do homework, so that later BF and I can watch a movie while I make jewelry. And then I have work. It's a bit cold here... Like, twenty degrees plus windchill. Brr. But I'll dress warmly. Auntie KHM, I really wish the headband was here... I went to the post office eagerly this morning, but it hasn't arrived... Sadly.
Love love love love love you!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

100 Posts!!!! Ahh!!! A Milestone, At Last

Just more work that has been done. This was...Yesterday? And I watched a couple of movies. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, which was cute-ish. Umm... Have any of you ever read "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead."? It's a completely hilarious extension to "Hamlet", and the movie was also very good. Laughed til I cried. Have to love a sense of humor like that.I had work tonight, and we were calling parents. (We don't call parents of freshmen... Give them a year to warm up to Bard and all.) We had some students call their own parents, which is funny to watch. I discovered someone I know from home in my pile. I didn't know she came to Bard, so I was utterly surprised, which was fantastic. We're meeting up tomorrow to chat and visit. I can't wait. And more good news! I do believe I managed to get into the advanced French class here (unofficially). The sad news is that this means no more Chinese this year, and consequently probably ever, since the two classes occur at the same time. It's very sad, but let's face it; when was I going to use that?
Still, I feel a bit guilty.
Much love,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Umm... Out of Clever Titles For Now, This Will Have to Suffice

So.... More jewels, more time gone, more homework done, more quizzes taken, you know the lot. I was finally talked into watching Casino Royale, and it wasn't any good. Definitely a guy movie, although I will say that Daniel Craig has an attractive build. They killed an Aston Martin, and any movie that does that, in my book, is not worth anything. Anyways, the Wall-E Place mat on my wardrobe was a gift from bff VRP and her parentals. Thank you! I love it! I was so excited to get it. I love Wall-E. I have work the next three nights, but no classes tomorrow, so I should be around then, at least.
I love everyone, and I hope you're all doing very well!
Smiles and Kisses,
lots of Boo for everyone,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mud, Worms, and Stupid Statements

The first two pics are from my adventure last night. Here's how it went. Foot patrol. Rainy, windy. Bard becomes a giant mudslide game when it rains, and a swamp. So we're walking down the hill, and I'm slipping around. Sam says, "Don't fall." And then what? Down I went. Coated in mud. Coat, pants, hands, shoes. Whatever. Sam, "I gave you simple instructions! You had one thing to do, and you can't follow directions!" Well, Sam, you're very lucky the giant maglite in my hand didn't go through our skull. (the only thing stopping me was the fact that then I'd have to call security on myself and explain to them why Sam had a maglite sized hole in his head.)
And yesterday I had to write an essay, so i wasn't nearly as productive with the jewelry, but I had fun. I watched movies. mmm. I want popcorn now.
Did I mention the worms? I've never seen so many worms in my life. Eeeeeeewwwwwww. I hate worms. Dead body? Okay. (anatomy lab) Dissecting a cat? Almost okay. Blood? Fine. Worms? Eew. Gross gross gross gross. People were like, "Aww, how cute, she's trying to save the worms." Nope. I just hate the thought of worm guts on my shoes. I had to keep telling myself not to look down, or it was going to be a very long night. Shudder. Eew.
I love you all!!!!
I'm in a good mood, because I don't have to do anything (I already vacuumed and made an effort to get the pants clean without doing laundry- right, I did laundry yesterday, and that made me mad). Yay!